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The European Outdoor Conservation Association is a group of brands from the Outdoor industry that support projects to conserve nature, biodiversity and habitats. You can now vote which projects should be supported with donations: A diving expedition to clean the Bruine Bank, the reforestation of Ometepe Island in Nicaragua or a different project. 

Conserving the Biodiversity of Brazil’s Atlantic Forest
Conserving the Biodiversity of Brazil’s Atlantic Forest Conserving the Biodiversity of Brazil's Atlantic ForestNominated by: Pertex.The Atlantic Forest only has 11% of its original vegetation standing. As little as 2% of the original forest remain. This makes the Atlantic Forest one of the most endangered ecosystems in the world. This project aims to conserve the biodiversity with the removal of invasive species, the planting of over 1500 saplings and involvement of 600 schoolchildren.Donation needed: 20.000

Twice a year you have the chance to vote for projects from the categories Nature, Outdoor and Alpine. For the category Outdoor you can vote from the 1st to the 15th of March.

Ever since EOCA has started 10 years ago, it has supported 74 projects in 36 countries all over the world. The voting period has already ended, but these are the winners 2016: 

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Author: Sarah Sommer