Product reviews/10/30/2023

ISPO Award Winner 2023: Suprabeam M6xr Multi-Light

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The Suprabeam M6xr seamlessly combines the functionality of a flashlight, headlamp, and area light, making it an all-in-one tool to brighten up your outdoor activities. Whether you're hiking, camping, running, climbing, or working in the great outdoors, the Suprabeam M6xr offers multiple mounting options, allowing you to use it on your head, attach it to a helmet, hold it in your hand, clip it to your backpack, or secure it to a magnetic surface. The magnetic option especially comes in handy when using the powerful lamp for area lighting.

The M6xr's innovative ergonomic design also makes handling the light during different activities intuitive and easy. »The design itself is actually one of the key features of the M6xr, as it makes the multi-lamp truly multifunctional«, explains Finn Kjærgaard, Head of Product Development at Suprabeam. »To make the M6xr perform just as well as a flashlight as it does as a headlamp, we had to pay special attention to the size, weight, button placement, and headband mount. All those things together and the attention to detail is what makes it a true multi-lamp which performs excellently in all use scenarios.«

As it is a fine line to find the perfect balance in size for both flashlight and headlamp operation, the M6xr is spot on, being just 10.5 cm long and weighing 114g. The button placement is a key design feature as well, as the operation must be intuitive and easy both when using it handheld and on the head. When tested, both work just fine, allowing you to switch on and off or steplessly dim the light depending on the conditions. 


Danish design with perfect sizing for handheld and mounted use as a headlamp
Image credit:
Suprabeam/Abigail van Kooten

Quick Release Mount for Headband or Handheld Use

The headband also comes with two silicone stripes on the inside, to stop it from moving around while you move around. Further, the mounts have been designed specifically for the M6xr and offer the perfect balance between a tight grip around the body of the light, whilst being mounted and dismounted easily. The headband mount is worth mentioning, as you can easily attach and detach the M6xr, without having to undo the straps at all. The mount has a finely calibrated size, making it grip firmly around the M6xr without making it hard to slide out.

Sticky silicone stripes make the headband hold even during fast-paced activities
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Small Size, Bright Light

The features all contribute to a product that is remarkably easy to operate, which makes it a reliable companion when facing challenging conditions outdoors, from cold to rain. Constructed from solid aluminum, the Suprabeam M6xr offers a quality feel, robustness, and is both dust- and waterproof up to two meters. It also offers sufficient cooling for its powerful LED. Compared to its tiny size, the small gadget adds a staggering brightness of 2000 lumens to your path and makes darkness no longer an obstacle for your outdoor activities. Thanks to its step-less dimming feature, you can effortlessly adjust the intensity to your specific needs, conserving power when necessary or flooding the area with light for maximum visibility.

Suprabeam M6xr Light: Endless mounting options available as well as handheld use
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The M6xr is not only “multi” in the sense that you can use it in so many different ways but also in so many different sports. It is the preferred weapon of choice for many people from ultra marathons, to ice climbing, to trail running, to cross-country skiing, to cycling, to climbing. This year, the M6xr was used in the Marathon Des Sables through the Sahara Desert and in the Grand Raid Des Pyrénées ultra race, among other events.

Clever mounting options make the M6xr a great companion for all sorts of outdoor sports
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Cutting-edge Electronics Combined with Quality Craftsmanship

While its cutting-edge electronics make it more efficient than most other lights, the M6xr does not need frequent battery changes and also allows you to opt for either USB charging or batteries. Suprabeam M6xr is CR123 compatible and can be used with 2x CR123 disposable batteries, instead of the included rechargeable battery. However, when using the rechargeable battery included, the integrated USB charging port in the battery also allows you to charge one while using another in the M6xr, giving you virtually unlimited runtime. This not only saves time but also helps reduce waste by relying on a rechargeable power source with just a spare load waiting in your pocket. The M6xr is a product like nothing else, it will win you over completely when you try it, as it did with the ISPO Award jury.

The Suprabeam M6xr multi-use light features a magnet at the bottom
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Here’s What the Jury Had To Say About the Suprabeam M6xr Multi-Functional Light:

"It is a fine line when balancing a multi-use light for both headlamp and flashlight operation but the Suprabeam M6xr just got the right size for both. Its intuitive design, different battery options, and quality of light also won us over. From mountain biking to hiking and ski touring, we could all see us using it. The integrated magnet is an additional plus."
ISPO Award Jury

5 Reasons Why the Suprabeam M6xr Multi-Functional Light Convinced the ISPO Award Jury:

  • Versatile all-in-one design: flashlight, headlamp, and area light in one device
  • 2000 lumens of brightness and step-less dimming
  • Integrated USB charging port or battery-powered
  • Multiple mounting options including magnetic attachment for area lighting
  • Dustproof as well as waterproof (IP68)

Product Specs:

  • Material: aluminum, LED (2000 lm), rubber-coated switch
  • Weight: 114 g
  • Size: 10.5 cm
  • lamp comes with headband, rechargeable battery, adhesive helmet mount, strap, USB-C-cable
  • available accessories: bike mount, strap mount, foam pads, loop end cap, additional LI-ION 18650 3000 mAh battery
  • RRP: € 179