Product reviews/11/23/2023

ISPO Award Winner 2023: Mamba X-pand G4 by LEDX lights

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Experience unmatched illumination with the Mamba X-pand G4: compact, light, yet powerfully bright.

Versatile in use

The Mamba X-pand G4 by LEDX lights takes illumination to new heights, effortlessly pushing out an impressive 4500 lumens for over 2 hours while maintaining a feather-like weight of just 125 grams. Hailing from Borås, Sweden, where LEDX lights has been expertly crafting headlamps since 2009, the Mamba is a testament to impeccable design and functionality. The LEDX founder, Anders Johannson, Johannes Hörner, the Head of Development Manager, and a team comprising both athletes and partners have been actively involved in product development. “The lamps are widely used in sports where the need for good lighting is critical, such as orienteering, skiing, MTB, Enduro, and similar activities”, says Hörner. "However, it’s not only top athletes who demand super-strong lights. Working professionals and emergency service personnel have equally exacting requirements.“

At the heart of the Mamba's prowess lies the unique X-pand reflector. Designed to distribute light both peripherally and directly ahead, it ensures that users are always surrounded by a consistent beam. This consistency is further enhanced by the spot lens that brightens distant objects and two diffusers that harmonize the in-between space. It's not just about spreading light; it's about creating an unparalleled sensation of being enveloped in daylight.

Mountain bikers benefit from the brightness of the Mamba Light when riding fast.
Image credit:
LEDX lights

Built to last

The ethos of LEDX lights is clear: design with purpose and longevity. Generation 4 of their offerings has been centered around optimizing light distribution, ensuring that the X-pand reflector spreads light even more broadly. Additionally, the team prioritized creating a product as lightweight as possible without compromising on its light output. The result is not just a product but an experience that boasts unparalleled comfort and ergonomics.

However, durability doesn't mean disposability. Mamba headlamps are built to last and, if needed, to be repaired. “They are made to last but also made to be repairable. That is for us a true quality mark and a warranty that you buy a lamp that you can use for many years. We also have a trade in system, LEDX Renewal, where you get a discount on a new lamp when you want to upgrade”, describes Johannson the basic idea of the design.The team at LEDX lights is always on standby to service these headlamps, ensuring their longevity. Moreover, they offer a unique trade-in discount for users looking to upgrade, refurbishing older models to provide quality lighting solutions at reduced prices for others.

The lamp is also a valuable companion for runners in the dark
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LEDX lights

Multiple power sources

As previously mentioned: Beyond its luminous capabilities, the Mamba showcases remarkable versatility. It's designed to be compatible with an array of accessories and power solutions, making it suitable for various activities. Whether powered by LEDX li-ion batteries or an external 12V DC source, it stands as a beacon of reliability, ensuring optimal performance and safety.

With a reassuring 3-year guarantee and a history that sees even their older models being serviced, the Mamba X-pand G4 stands as a symbol of LEDX lights' commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability. Experience the future of lighting.

The Mamba X-pand G4 illuminates the surroundings so extensively, almost as if it were as bright as day.
Image credit:
LEDX lights

What the ISPO Award jury says:

"Light on, bright. Very bright! Up to 5,000 lumens illuminate the environment extensively. Perfect for all outdoor enthusiasts who (quickly) move through nature in the dark. The weight of just 125 grams is also a positive. A real alternative for MTB bikers, runners, as well as mountain climbers and mountain rescuers."  
ISPO Award Jury

These features convinced the Jury:

  • Lightweight
  • Unique light pattern
  • 4500 lumen (5000 in boost mode)
  • Recyclable

Product Specifications:

  • Weight: 125 g
  • Available: Since August 2023
  • RRP: € 545.00
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