Product reviews/05/26/2023

ISPO Award 2023 for Nordisk’s Digital Customer Experience

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The Danish brand Nordisk has introduced an innovative tool for all outdoor lovers. The durable NFC chip, which is installed in the brand’s tents, enables customers to access loads of information that facilitates the use of the product. The jury of the ISPO Award 2023 honored the idea with the coveted award.

After tapping the NFC tag, the smartphone shows information on the product, how to use it, or how to care for it.

The Scandinavian outdoor experts at Nordisk have included NFC chips in some of their newest tents, such as the Ydun Sky, enabling customers a new kind of digital experience that the judges of the second round of this year’s ISPO Award found worthy of an ISPO Award 2023.

The chip works as a product passport, making it easier to follow the product from the factory to the end consumer. This benefits not only Nordisk but also its customers. The NFC tag is sewn into the packsack of the tent. Scanning it with a smartphone by “tapping”, which means placing its back on the indicated NFC tag, takes customers to a unique website where they can find inspirational pictures, product information, FAQs, and how-to-set-up instructions. It also allows for easy customer registration and a premium easy-to-access ecosystem experience. In addition, Nordisk rewards registration with an extended 5-year warranty on manufacturing defects.

The Tag Gives Access to Useful Information

The concept behind this solution, which Nordisk developed in partnership with Dutch company Tappr, is to allow customers to engage with the product digitally before, during, and after using it. This NFC tag also enables Nordisk to add sustainability metrics to each product, such as production location, shipment method, and CO2 footprint. While QR codes tend to wear down quickly when used outdoors, the NFC tag offers a durable, reliable, and functional solution. The NFC tag is waterproof, tearproof, and windproof, making it ideal for outdoor use, and it is also machine washable.

Not Green but Sustainable

Nordisk is a company that emphasizes sustainability, and although the NFC itself is not green since it’s a microchip, it has a positive impact in terms of sustainability. It enables transparency in production and shipping and also facilitates easy care and repair of the product. The Nordisk chip is ROHS compliant, which means it restricts hazardous substances found in electrical and electronic products.

The NFC solution comes at no additional cost to customers. Nordisk aims to utilize this solution to reduce its dependency on printed paper. Printed manuals and product guides, for example, are no longer needed. Nordisk also uses it to tell the product’s unique story as well as offer the right add-on products. The jury chose this package as a winner of the ISPO Award 2023.

This Is What the ISPO Award Jury Says About the Nordisk NFC Customer Experience:

“The NFC technology opens a variety of possibilities to communicate with the consumer about the product, from practical tips for use to useful information about the outdoor experience. How the content offered is defined depends exclusively on the brand’s communication strategy.”
ISPO Award Jury

This Is What Nordisk Says About the Digital Customer Experience:

“We wanted to give our customers a more premium digital experience with Nordisk products that are typically completely non-digital. Though many people rightfully enjoy disconnecting while outdoors, many people reach for their smartphone when searching for information about their new product instead of going through the traditional paper manual. So, as long as you have your smartphone and your tent with you, you will have easy access to all you need to know about the tent.”
Lasse Skovgaard Nielsen, Executive Assistant

5 Reasons Why the Nordisk Digital Customer Experience Convinced the ISPO Award Jury:

  • No need for printed manuals and product guides
  • Easy access to additional information
  • Long-lasting functionality (compared to QR codes)
  • No additional cost for customers
  • Abrasion resistant, tearproof, waterproof, windproof

Key data:

  • RRP: The NFC solution comes at no additional cost to the consumer. It is based on purchasing the product that holds the NFC tag
  • Target group: The outdoor consumer who is open to NFC. Consumers new to camping/tenting who are in doubt about how to handle their new tent.
  • Intended Usage: Easy and smooth access to information when using your tent.

Easy to use: just “tap” the NFC chip with the smartphone.

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