Ueli Steck died while on an exploratory tour.
There has been a great outpouring of sympathy and condolences for Ueli Steck and his family from the Alpine sports community. The extreme mountaineer had been on an exploratory tour of the area around Mount Everest when he died on April 30.

Latest market research suggests that the Chinese domestic brands are catching up with the competition and have been gaining weight in the local market compared with international companies.
Despite all the skepticism that has been around, the Chinese outdoor market managed to grow again in 2015. That is the result of the latest market research conducted by the lobby group China Outdoor Association (COA) in which a number of important domestic and international suppliers are involved. The latest reports give, for the first time, an insight into what the members expect from the market over the next five years. The brands that have participated in the research do not seem to see any reason for pessimism.