Product reviews/11/23/2023

This hoodie made of merino wool and Tencel provides real warmth - without any plastic

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icebreaker has created a versatile flyweight for all intensive sports with this ultra-light hoodie. Made from merino wool and TENCEL™ Lyocell, it weighs no more than a T-shirt and is made entirely without petroleum-based fibers.

Winner of the ISPO Award 2023: The Merino 200 Realfleece™ Descender LS Zip Hoodie from icebreaker.

Many of us know the feeling: as soon as it gets uncomfortably cold outside in the fall and winter, we tend to misjudge our own need for warmth. It's better to dress too thickly than too thinly to keep from freezing. But as soon as you're out and about and active, it gets way too hot. icebreaker has come up with a solution to this inconvenience: icebreaker ultra-light 200 Realfleece™ Descender LS Zip Hoodie is highly breathable and prevents heat build-up.

A hoodie as light as a T-shirt

Icebreaker's ultralight Merino midlayer feels comfortable and warm without trapping heat during high activity. It is cut close to the body and made from two different materials: Icebreaker uses Realfleece™ made from brushed merino wool as the main material. It is used in areas of the body that are more exposed to the cold. The fabric provides maximum warmth with minimum weight and a comfortable feel against the skin. At 156 g/m² (wool micron 18.9), it is extremely light and, despite the hood, long sleeves and zipper, no heavier than a short-sleeved T-shirt. The brushed, airy striped construction provides warmth and protection, while air channels allow the knit to release excess heat and moisture. This construction, along with the blend of TENCEL™ Lyocell cellulosic fiber, makes the hoodie highly breathable.

The hoodie weighs no more than a T-shirt.
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Merino wool and TENCEL™ Lyocell

Realfleece™ is complemented by Cool-Lite™ Jersey, another lightweight material that feels pleasantly cool and dries quickly. It is positioned in areas where moisture needs to be wicked away quickly. Both components consist of 40 percent fine Merino wool and 60 percent TENCEL™ Lyocell, a plant-based fabric made from sustainably sourced wood that’s incredibly lightweight and breathable. This makes the hoodie 100 percent plastic-free and offers all the benefits of Merino wool. It is naturally odour-resistant, feels extremely soft and dries quickly. It also has a hidden pocket and thumb loops.

The Merino 200 Realfleece™ Descender LS Zip Hoodie is designed for running and hiking and is also suitable for other intensive sports in cool weather. The hoodie is part of the icebreaker Descender series and will be available for men and women from Fall Winter 2024.

What convinced the jury:

  • Ultralight merino midlayer
  • 100 percent plastic-free
  • Odour-resistant, extremely soft to the touch
  • High breathability
  • Quick drying
  • Moisture regulation
The hoodie is made of Merino wool and TENCEL and is plastic-free.
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What the jury said:

"This thin, lightweight material is fascinating and feels extremely good against the skin. The special knitted construction retains heat without weighing you down. So it fits under any jacket without getting in the way."
ISPO Award Jury

Statement from icebreaker:

"Lightweight, plastic-free, and quick-drying, this mid layer is a perfect companion for your running or hiking adventures. We take pride in presenting a midlayer made using 100% plastic free materials at ISPO, delivering all the benefits of merino wool."
Neil Baker, Senior Global Creative Director at icebreaker
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