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ISPO Award Winner 2023: Mythic Ultra 120 by Rab

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With the Mythic Ultra 120 sleeping bag, Rab introduces a high-end product for all outdoor enthusiasts who count every gram.

Excellent warmth-to-weight ratio

Whenever weight-saving is crucial for outdoor adventures, exceptional innovation is required. Rab's Mythic Ultra 120 sleeping bag, weighing in at just 315 grams, stands out as a prime example in the lightweight product category. This lightweight, warming sleeping bag is designed as part of a sleep system. Paired with the Ultrasphere 4.5 sleeping pad (not available in the US and DE), which also received an ISPO Award, the award-winning sleeping bag creates a perfect combination for a comfortable sleep in temperatures down to 0 °C. Winning the ISPO Award shows that the effort put into the development was worth it. The joy of this is expressed in a short brand statement: “We're proud of this award, recognizing our heritage as Masters of Insulation and rewarding our high-end sleeping bag design innovation. We continue to be pleased with the results of TILT technology in our jackets, sleeping mats and sleeping bags.”

To achieve optimal warmth, the Mythic Ultra 120 sleeping ag employs a well-thought-out insulation method. The upper torso and leg sections of the sleeping bag are filled with 900FP down featuring Nikwax fluorocarbon-free Hydrophobic Finish. Additionally, a heat-reflective TILT lining reduces heat loss from the body’s own radiant heat. This is where the sleeping pad comes into play. It can be attached to loops on the bottom of the sleeping bag, providing protection from ground cold and forming the described insulation unit. Simple yet effective. The sleeping bag can also be used with other sleeping pads, showcasing its versatility. It’s an ideal choice for outdoor athletes like bikepackers and mountain climbers, as well as anyone wanting to venture outdoors with lightweight gear.

The Mythic 120 is ideal for outdoor adventures where lightweight and packable equipment is required.
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Sustainable production in mind

Committed to ethical manufacturing practices, Equip ensures that all its strategic partners undergo rigorous audits against the amfori BSCI standards. As a Fair Wear Leader brand, Equip collaborates with Fair Wear to not only meet but exceed expectations in improving working conditions within its factories. This dedication to fair labor practices aligns with the brand’s mission to challenge and influence positive change in the industry. One of the key pillars of sustainability for the Mythic Ultra 120 MB lies in its choice of materials. The outer layer is crafted from 100% recycled nylon, a conscious effort to reduce environmental impact. This commitment extends to the lining, which also boasts 100% recycled nylon with a TILT coating, adding a layer of durability and weather resistance.

“All the ingredients are responsibly sourced, including recycled, and have high tenacity for a longer life. The European duck-down insulation has a pfc-free hydrophobic finish, so it won’t get all clumpy if the down gets wet”, says ISPO Textile Expert Luisa Smith.

The mummy shape of the Mythic Ultra enhances heat performance.
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High certification standards

The insulation within the Mythic Ultra 120 MB is no exception to the brand’s dedication to responsible sourcing. The 900FP down used in the product is not only a mark of superior quality but is also RDS certified by Control Union 839597. This certification ensures that the down is ethically sourced, promoting the humane treatment of animals in the production process. Even the fabric used for the straps is not exempt from the brand's commitment to sustainability. Made entirely from 100% recycled nylon, Equip ensures that every component of the Mythic Ultra 120 MB aligns with its eco-conscious ethos. It’s time to test the Mythic Ultra 120 on your next adventure.

The Mythic Ultra can be connected to the Ultrasphere 4.5 mat from Rab using straps.
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What the ISPO Award jury says:

"What surprised us most about the Mythic Ultra was its impressive warmth, especially for such a lightweight bag. The combination of its reflective properties and the down filling is seemingly highly effective. When paired with the Ultrasphere sleeping pad, they form a well-coordinated unit. Additionally, the use of recycled nylon for the fabrics is a thoughtful touch that complements the innovation."
ISPO Award Jury

These features convinced the Jury:

  •  Fluorocarbon free DWR & Nikwax Hydrophobic finish
  • Heat-reflective TILT
  • Recycled outer & lining
  • Lightweight

Product Specifications:

  • Weight: 315 g
  • Available: Spring 2024
  • RRP: € 440.00 / 390 GBP
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