Product reviews/11/25/2023

ISPO Award Winner 2023: Trilogy Jorasses GTX PRO 3L Suit

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The Trilogy Jorasses GTX PRO 3L Suit is an innovative hybrid alpinist suit, combining a waterproof bottom part with a stretchy upper part to meet the demands of modern alpinists. It comes with a balaclava hood and works hand in hand with other products of the French brand.

This suit is the centerpiece of Millet’s new Trilogy Alpine Kit. It was developed in the brand’s own factory in Tunisia and with their athletes, especially French alpinist Symon Welfringer. The Trilogy Jorasses GTX PRO 3L Suit is dedicated to the use in north-face mountaineering and alpine-style expeditions specifically and was developed with the characteristic challenges in mind, that athletes are facing during these types of expeditions.

The award-winning Millet Trilogy Jorasses GTX PRO 3L Suit caters to the needs of north-face mountaineering and alpine-style expeditions
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Hybrid Suit Construction: GORE-TEX Pro Pant and Stretchy Upper Body Piece

Its hybrid construction combines the waterproofness of a GORE-TEX Pro membrane on the pant part of the suit with the mobility of stretch fabrics on the upper body part, offering protection and amplitude in extreme conditions.

Different features such as a gusset to reach up while climbing without being restricted by the suit as well as a smocked construction, and a rainbow zip at the back cater specifically to the needs when you are out and about on alpine expeditions in technical terrain. Stretch fabric around the elbow allows greater freedom of movement and a two-way zipper down the front has been added for easy wear with a harness. Two easy-access pockets to store your belongings at chest height complement this suit.


The gusset and smocked construction allows climbing without feeling restricted by the fabric
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Center Piece of The New Millet Trilogy Alpine Kit

Gaiters come with Dyneema reinforcements and velcro straps to adjust the width of your specific boots. For the balaclava hood, a Polartec® Power Wool™ fabric was chosen. Its stretch and the merino wool provides ideal warmth while regulating perspiration and odors over several days.

Alpinists would wear this suit as an external layer when approaching the bottom of the face to be climbed by feet or skis. This product is pretty thin on the upper part but as part of the brand-new Millet Trilogy Alpine Kit, other products work hand-in-hand to face any kinds of conditions.


The Millet Trilogy Alpine Kit offers modern alpinists different options to face all conditions
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Here’s what the jury had to say about the Millet Trilogy Jorasses GTX PRO 3L Suit:

“We liked this innovative hybrid construction a lot, combining the best of both mobility on the upper body part and protection on the pants part of the suit. Nifty features that cater to the alpinist use of this garment are nicely integrated into the sleek design of this garment.”
ISPO Award Jury

5 reasons why the Millet Trilogy Jorasses GTX PRO 3L Suit convinced the ISPO Award jury:

  • Hybrid construction combines the best of both protection and mobility
  • Great mobility thanks to stretch fabrics on the upper part
  • GORE-TEX Pro membrane for protection on the bottom part
  • Merino wool balaclava hood
  • Two-way front zip and easy-access pockets

Product specs:

  • Product specs: (Info-Box)
  • Color: Blue
  • Size: S-L
  • RRP: €1,200.00
  • Release date: October 2024
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