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One tent, four seasons: The Ferrina Namika 2 tent promises to be the perfect companion for outdoor adventures in summer and winter. But does the four-season tent really live up to its promise? Andrea knows. Because he tested the tent for the Italian sports magazine - in summer and winter. readers will now also benefit from the honest and unsparing practical tests, because we are publishing the Mountainreview tests, which were previously only available in Italian, in German, English, French and Spanish. - these are real practical tests by ambitious (hobby) athletes who spend every free minute in the mountains. The tests are hands-on and relentlessly honest, by mountain lovers for mountain lovers. The "Consumer Experts" run, hike, ski or climb and test current equipment for its suitability for the outdoor lifestyle.

All tests are completely independent and reflect the personal opinion of the testers. We take tests of products that have performed well or very well and are also particularly interesting for our readers from the point of view of the editorial team.


Overall rating

Small weight and volume but nevertheless it is extremely versatile: the Ferrino Namika 2 is a perfect yet reliable shelter for mid-mountain hikes and multi-day mountain tours with or without skis. The 2-person tent withstands all seasons. Even in the high mountains, it is appreciated for its stability, thermal insulation and versatility.

Technical features of the Ferrino Namika 2




100% recycled 70D polyester ripstop


Roof 3000 mm, floor 8000 mm


hardened aluminium alloy 7001 T6, support structure with pre-assembled duraluminium rods and radial joint, Y-peg aluminium rods


2,6 kg


built up 120x210x70 cm, folded 17 × 43 cm

This is how the test for the Namika 2 tent went

I tested the Ferrino Namika 2 tent during the three seasons from August to December, whether on late summer low mountain hikes, autumn mountaineering or a few ski tours. The altitudes were between 1500 and 2500 meters.

The tent was tested in various weather conditions, either summer storms and cold winter winds.

Easy transport and quick assembly and dismantling

Although the Ferrino Namika 2 falls into the 4-season tent category, I have to say that it is really light and not too bulky. I could carry it quite comfortably in my backpack. When stored in its bag, it easily finds a place on the external drawbars of a backpack or, if the backpack is big enough, even inside it.

Of course, the other tent I own, the Sintesi 2 model by Ferrino, a 3-season tent, is a bit lighter and simpler. However, considering its strength and thermal insulation, the difference in weight and volume of the Ferrino Namika 2 is really acceptable.

The first endurance test came on our first trip: we were surprised by a summer thunderstorm on the Lagorai. The tent convinced me not only for its strength, but also because it was easy to set up. Ferrino wanted to make life easier for users by developing a quick and innovative system for a double-roof tent. The inner tent is suspended from the double roof with a system of straps and eyelets, so it can be set up in one go. Eventually, the inner tent can be removed from the outer part to let it dry.

The pre-formed poles equipped with magnets allow for an almost "automatic" assembly. The intersecting channels, which are only open in one direction, also facilitate "solo" assembly.

Just by fixing the 9 main pegs, the tent is very stable and firmly anchored to the ground even in windy conditions. There are three more guys rope equipped with reflectors (useful in the dark) and buttonholes along the pole loops. These provide additional tensioning for the tent to increase its stability in windy condition. For use on snow-covered terrain, the side slots for tensioning the tent are reinforced to allow the use of skis as posts.

Dismantling is also surprisingly quick. Simply fold it up and roll it up with the pole pockets. The bag is large, but unfortunately do not have no compression straps.

How to live in Namika 2

The shape of the tent consists of intersecting, self-supporting, dome-shaped poles. In the middle is the highest point, almost one meter, while the ceiling descends towards the back, where the feet are located. The vestibule is created by the special colour-contrasting poles, which form a space outside the tent where equipment can be stored, protected from the weather.

The tent has only one entrance, at the vestibule, which somewhat limits the ease of access.

With a little care, it is even possible to cook meals, as there is a special air outlet. Also, useful is the small outside window, through which you can check the weather conditions without having to go outside.

The tent is big enough for two people to sleep comfortably in. There are extra pockets for storing small items and the lamp hook. In addition, there are small slots along the grooves of the poles that can be used to fit a small drying rack for drying clothes.

The double-slide zip in the entrance for me is a very important feature. It allowed opening only partially the entrance to regulate the inner temperature. Completely closed if cold, half open if mid-temperature. There is also a mosquito net to prevent insects.

No chance for water: insulation of the Ferrino Namika 2

Two components ensure optimal insulation: the roof and the outer layer. The Namika 2 has the outer layer made of recycled polyester with a heat-insulating polyurethane coating and 3000 mm waterproof. The floor, in turn, has the same properties but with 8000 mm waterproof. In the snow, however, it is always better to have well-insulated mats for even better protection.

Even in a few summer storms, the tent has always stood up well to rain, humidity and wind. In the morning, apart from a few small drops on the inside of the outer tent, I couldn't notice any condensation in the room.

A plus point is the material, which is 100% recycled, and the provision of a generous repair kit, which is not a given these days.

Conclusion of the Ferrino Namika 2 test

The Ferrino Namika 2 is suitable for long hikes or ski tours, as well as for mountaineering routes that require an overnight stay.  I would recommend the Namika 2 as a tent suitable all year-long thanks to its versatility and its breathability, which allows you to adjust its thermal properties.

Nevertheless, It cannot be used as a base camp at high altitude. For this purpose, Ferrino has developed its own line, the "HighLab".

The price is definitely reasonable for a tent with these technical characteristics, unique construction and design.

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