Product reviews/11/25/2023

ISPO Award Winner 2023: Javari GTX 3L Active Shell Jacket by BLACKYAK

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The lightweight Javari GTX 3L Active Shell Jacket by BLACKYAK combines durable multifunctionality with security features.

Minimalism meets unparalleled functionality

The Javari GTX 3L Active Shell Jacket embodies a design philosophy where minimalism meets unparalleled functionality. It focuses on the essentials, eliminating excess to offer a liberating experience for alpine enthusiasts. The tactile sensation of feathery comfort, thanks to carefully selected materials, transforms every movement in the alpine terrain into a blissful experience. The Javari's sleek silhouette hints at the extraordinary technology woven into its fabric. Waterproof zippers and soft elastic cuffs and hems add a touch of quality and precision, making it a statement of craftsmanship.

The Javari jacket features a waterproof half zip, seamless shoulders to eliminate pressure points under backpacks, and an elasticated hood that fits snugly under climbing helmets. In addition, the inclusion of a RECCO reflector in the hood increases safety in emergency situations, underscoring the commitment to the user's well-being and making it an outstanding choice in outdoor clothing.

But the Javari is more than just an outer layer; it stands out for a minimalist design and superior functionality. Its tactile allure and visual sophistication, combined with its exceptional lightness, redefine the standards of alpine wear. It's the embodiment of a refined outdoor experience. Crafted in collaboration with accomplished athletes, this purpose-built garment seamlessly combines form and function. It is meticulously tested to ensure optimal performance and unwavering reliability. The Javari GTX 3L Active Shell Jacket by BLACKYAK is a beacon of innovation in alpine gear that truly deserves recognition.

The Javari GTX 3L Active Shell Jacket is lightweight and can be packed very small.
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Lightweight and highly functional

Weighing in at a mere 171g, the Javari Gore-Tex 3L Active Shell Jacket stands out as one of the lightest choices available in the market. Despite its featherlight build, it boasts a comprehensive array of features crucial for alpine adventures, ensuring a blend of safety, comfort, and success. What sets this jacket apart from the conventional options is its minimal weight coupled with maximum functionality. This innovative piece excels in packability, folding down to the size of a tennis ball, making it a compact and space-saving emergency solution. Adventurers find it easy to carry, yet its readiness for action when needed renders it a dependable companion for outdoor enthusiasts.

The sleek silhouette of the Javari jacket speaks volumes about its lightweight nature, offering a subtle nod to the extraordinary technology woven into its fabric. Whether it's the seamless glide of the waterproof zip or the gentle elasticity of the cuffs and hem, every tactile interaction conveys a sense of quality and precision.

In essence, this jacket transcends being merely an outer layer; it's a tactile poem of minimalist design and superior functionality. Its tactile allure and visual sophistication, coupled with its exceptional lightness, redefine the benchmarks for alpine wear. More than just a garment, it embodies a refined outdoor experience.

The RECCO reflector inserted in the hood gives the Javari jacket a safety update.
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Pleasant feel, great performance

The Javari 3L-Jacket is designed to tackle various weather conditions. Its design epitomizes the characteristics of modern three-layer jackets. While performance is paramount for such a jacket, equally important is a good Look and Feel, as the saying goes. The tactile experience of the award-winning Javari is as convincing as its functional features. Furthermore, it aligns perfectly with the trend of lightweight products. The popularity of lightweight functional clothing remains unabated. Especially in sports where every gram matters, well-performing products are warmly welcomed. With the Javari Jacket, BLACKYAK has achieved a commendable design feat. And to continue with sports language: winning the ISPO Award is another score for the brand.

Versatility in your backpack: traveling the world is easy with the Javari Jacket.
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What the ISPO Award jury says:

"Lightweight remains one of the major equipment trends in the outdoor industry. In this category, this jacket makes a clear statement with its intricate and high-quality craftsmanship. It's a thoughtful high-performance garment for a variety of outdoor activities where pack size and weight are crucial."
ISPO Award Jury

These features convinced the Jury:

  • Ultralight design with maximum utility
  • Space-efficient emergency solution
  • RECCO reflector
  • Helmet compatible hood

Product Specifications:

  • Weight: 171 g
  • Available: since April 2023
  • RRP: € 220.00
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