Product reviews/10/31/2023

Concentrated Innovation: This Jacket Combines Many Technical Features With Style and Sustainability

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With this jacket, Chinese down specialist Bosideng redefines the principle of the two-layer jacket, combining a technical outer layer with an insulation layer. The result is a versatile jacket that suits many applications and the needs of young consumers.

Winner of the ISPO Award 2023: The TMP Management Outdoor Down Jacket by Bosideng.

In the world of outdoor adventures, Bosideng's innovative TMP Management Outdoor Down Jacket offers outstanding versatility and performance. Combining a technical outer layer with an insulating layer, this "two-layer" jacket is specifically designed to meet the needs of winter hikers, campers and outdoor enthusiasts. It combines style and functionality, making it the perfect choice for dynamic Gen-Z adventurers.

Dynamic TMP Management

Bosideng uses its innovative, improved third-generation TMP (Thermal, Moisture, Pressure) management system to ensure excellent thermal and moisture balance. The patented 3D chamber structure for the insulation fill ensures larger insulation spaces, creating higher thermal performance without requiring more volume or insulation material. The filling consists of goose down as well as 3M Thinsulate 100% Recycled Featherless insulation. The latter has particularly good moisture performance and is positioned at the back of the jacket to prevent the down filling from being affected by sweat. A mesh material between the down structure facilitates air circulation and increases comfort during physical activities. In addition, the heat-reflective Capsule lining provides extra warmth during sudden cold snaps.

The jacket features a patented 3D down chamber structure.
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Lightweight Design for Versatile Use

Younger outdoor enthusiasts and Gen Z in particular are looking for stylish outdoor gear with functionality. The patented structure of the 3D down chambers not only improves insulation, but also requires less fill, reducing overall weight and creating a sleeker silhouette. This makes the jacket lightweight and comfortable to wear without losing its exceptional thermal performance. The clean look makes it perfect for many winter activities, whether you're in the city or in the mountains.

New Gore-Tex ePE Membrane

Bosideng's commitment to sustainability was an important factor in the development process of this jacket. The outer layer is made of the brand-new Gore-Tex ePE membrane, which was just launched last fall. This membrane is PFC-free and has a better carbon footprint than previous Gore-Tex membranes. The DWR is also PFC-free. In addition, the jacket's goose down filling is antibacterial and certified with the Responsible Down Standard (RDS).

The jacket is manufactured at Bosideng's own factory in Changshu, China. There, Bosideng has implemented a rigorous product quality inspection system to ensure that all products comply with applicable quality regulations in the countries where the company operates and where it sells its products.

Bosideng used the new, PFC-free Gore-Tex ePE membrane.
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This Convinced the Jury:

  • Third-generation TMP management system
  • less filling material thanks to innovative design
  • integration of sustainable materials

Statement From Bosideng

"Bosideng’s self-developed TMP system upgrade has transformed traditional down jackets from static warmth to dynamic thermal and moisture management, offering greater possibilities for combining fashion and outdoor functionality."
Global Innovation Institute Team, Bosideng

What the Jury Says:

"You can't see the thermal performance of this jacket: thanks to its innovative chamber system and special construction, this jacket can do without a lot of volume. The use of the new Gore-Tex ePE membrane as well as recycled materials speak for Bosideng's commitment to sustainability".
Jury ISPO Award
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