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THINKBELT – a belt for all cases

THINKBELT nominated for ISPO Award 2022

The THINKBELT is a multifunctional belt with which you always have countless applications. The Swiss Army knife among belts, so to speak.

Thoughtful idea with a multi-use approach

There it is in front of us during the jury session – the THINKBELT. A look around, question marks. Then the first jurors start to deal with the belt. Unfastening the buckle, just dealing with the belt, fiddling around, trying to understand the idea. So we start attaching things to it, skis and ourselves to it and the understanding grows in our minds. Little by little the, yes you can call it that, genius behind the simple, really cool idea dawns on us. You have to come up with that first.

It quickly becomes clear that THINKBELT deserves a nomination for the ISPO Award 2022. For the brand itself, the nomination came as a surprise. The head of the young company THINKBELT, Kai Dobrzewski, was all the more pleased: "We are thrilled about the THINKBELT award and celebrate the tailwind for the product launch at ISPO 2022."

With the THINKBELT invention, the company is targeting people who are outdoors in their free time: Hikers, paddlers, bushcrafters, hunters and travellers in general. "However, people who are outdoors professionally should also be addressed," Kai Dobrzewski emphasises. Meaning: Foresters, craftsmen or emergency services. In everyday life, the belt is interesting for people who like to wear practical clothes and are interested in EDC (Everyday Carry). People who don't go out without a torch and multitool.

The THINKBELT can also be used to carry snowboards.

Sustainable benefits for dealers and end consumers

With and on this belt, so much can be attached and carried around as a handle that it simply becomes countless. This also means that the THINKBELT, perhaps even without wanting to, hits the nerve of the times with its multi-use option: buying products that are as high-quality and multifunctional as possible and also have a long service life. A buckle that can be used with different belts and belt lengths for a wide variety of purposes – that's sustainability. Whether as a seating aid, cord tripod, luggage strap, climbing aid or yoga strap, the smart belt convinces.

But THINKBELT thinks beyond that. Suppliers and manufacturers, for example, come from Central Europe and are selected as close as possible to the location. The yarn for the belts is obtained in the Netherlands from 100% recycled PET bottles and is spun-dyed. "This saves enormous amounts of water, chemicals and energy in the dyeing process and ensures high durability," explains Kai Dobrzewski. "Not even 200 kilometres away, in Germany, this yarn is woven into our belt. Ecologically and socially, this makes a lot of sense and we believe that in the long run it can also make more economic sense than having our belts made thousands of kilometres away. With every belt sold, we also support small, sustainable tree planting projects with one euro."

Retailers should also like offering a product novelty that is both a fashion item and a piece of equipment. Interchangeable belts make follow-up business possible, and the profit margins should also be respectable. Another plus point: belts with Cobra buckles from AustriAlpin are becoming increasingly popular. THINKBELT offers one of the most affordable belts with this buckle. End users get a versatile product novelty, comparable to a Buff.

A main belt (left) and, as an option, a wide range of interchangeable belts.

Easy to handle and comfortable to use

The THINKBELT principle consists of a non-sewn, double-layered webbing that runs the entire length of the belt. The belt is "looped" through a buckle that can be adjusted on both sides and is thus kept free of connections and possible resistance. The novel belt principle, for which a patent application has already been filed, not only enables countless applications, it also offers an interchangeable belt system. Handling the THINKBELT is easy. A carrying loop, for example to carry a snowboard, is quickly put on. Due to the material and the width of the webbing, the fit is comfortable and does not cut in.

The "most functional belt", as the brand itself describes its belt, is an enrichment for every outdoor or travel tour. Rolled up, it doesn't take up much space. A great solution for many small and larger "problems".

The THINKBELT also cuts a good figure during a yoga session.
What the ISPO Award jury says about the THINKBELT:
“A simple idea perfectly implemented. A product with which you have to deal briefly to see the real added value. Once checked, the THINKBELT convinces with its multiple usability. Whether as a holding belt, ski carrying belt or even as a stretching tool, the smart belt convinces. The ideas for use are numerous. The design is solid, both belt and buckle are robust and made for hard handling. If one belt is not enough, several can be connected via the buckle. Oh yes, who has a special color wish can choose richly for the belts. THINKBELT, you must first come up with it.” ISPO Award Jury

These features convinced the ISPO Award jury:

  • Multiple usability
  • Interchangeable webbings
  • Separately washable webbing
  • Stable and long-lasting
  • Recycled material

Product Specifications:

  • Available: Market Launch Summer 2023
  • RRP: 49,95 € (belt), 24,95 € (interchangeable belt)
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