Product reviews/10/25/2023

Always Warm Hands: These Heated Gloves Offer Optimum Freedom of Movement

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No more cold hands: Until now, heated gloves were often clunky and offered limited mobility of the hands. This made them only conditionally suitable for sports. With the new patented heating system, Therm-ic has found a new solution for perfectly matching heating performance and wearing comfort.

Winner of the ISPO Award 2023: The Thin Ultra Heat Liner gloves from Therm-ic.

The mountains are covered in deep snow, the morning sun casts a warm light on the cold landscape, the slopes are almost empty. A perfect moment for true feelings of happiness. If it weren't for the cold, which would spoil the feeling of well-being even before the first descent. Hands, in particular, are among the first parts of the body to freeze during prolonged exposure to cold temperatures. It is not uncommon for them not to get warm all day long, no matter how athletic you are.

Full Freedom of Movement for the Hands

French heating specialist Therm-ic has now developed the perfect solution for all athletes who want to do something about cold hands: The new heatable Thin Ultra Heat Liner gloves. What makes them so special is their innovative heating system. The S.E.T. heating system consists of an elastic heating cord sewn directly to the glove along the fingers. This design completely eliminates the need for rigid heating elements, which are typically sewn onto a textile backing inside the glove. The new heating system is more efficient because it is in direct contact with the skin, distributing heat evenly to neuralgic areas. In addition, the flatlock structure of the heating seam is highly elastic and offers better hand mobility than conventional heating systems.

The heated gloves are particularly flexible and offer plenty of freedom of movement.
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Over Seven Hours of Warmth

The heater has three heat settings and is turned on and off with a button in the cuff. The battery lasts up to seven and a half hours.

Therm-ic's patented Smart Elastic Technology (S.E.T.) is ultra-thin at just two millimeters and extremely durable. Its flatlock structure makes it highly elastic when applied to finished garments such as gloves. A strap on the cuff adjusts the glove to the wrist and prevents air from entering. The silicone print on the index finger and thumb also makes the gloves compatible with touchscreens.

Many Areas of Application

Therm-ic deliberately uses a lightweight, thinner material for the gloves. This means that the gloves can also be used as inner gloves, for example for mittens. This expands the range of applications for the gloves.

The patented heating system is operated by an unobtrusive button in the cuff.
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This Convinced the Jury:

  • innovative S.E.T. heating technology
  • close to hand construction
  • high wearing comfort
  • up to 7.5 hours heating time

Statement From Therm-Ic:

“This is a great reward after several years spent developing this heating liner. Every year, Therm-ic strives to develop innovative products for hands, feet and head thermoregulation, so that everyone can enjoy their adventure to the full, whatever the outdoor conditions.”
Elena Chabert, Therm-ic

What the Jury Said:

"A lot has happened in the field of heating technology for clothing in recent years. Not only are the batteries getting smaller and smaller, but the heating elements are also becoming more and more invisible. In this thin, elastic glove, you don't even feel the heating elements. A glove that certainly offers many uses, from hiking to skiing to shoveling snow."
Jury ISPO Award
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