Product reviews/11/15/2023

Impetus Group Presents the Material of the Next Generation: CIRCULOSE®

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Impetus Group is one of the most complete vertically integrated structures in Europe, with more than 50 years of experience tailoring second skin products.

With the new CIRCULOSE® Tank Top, the Portuguese company Impetus is taking a big step towards the circular economy. The tank top was produced using seamless technology in a fabric made with Renewcell’s pulp, CIRCULOSE®.  CIRCULOSE® is made of cellulose that is derived from 100% textile waste.


Winner of the ISPO Award 2023: The Circulose Tank Top from Impetus.

Impetus Group has been aware of the significant challenge currently facing the textile industry in the context of sustainability, which is reflected in the way products are created and how waste can be better managed.

CIRCULOSE® by Renewcell

Using a patented process in an industrial-scale facility that runs on 100 percent renewable energy, the technology developed by Renewcell breaks down textile waste into a new, biodegradable raw pulp material, CIRCULOSE®. This meets industry specifications and can be reprocessed into textile fibers such as viscose, lyocell, modal, acetate and other types of regenerated fibers and thus fed back into the textile production cycle. Renewcell recycles post-consumer, cotton-rich garments as well as post-industrial textile waste that contain a high proportion of cellulose.

The new material CIRCULOSE®, is RCS certified, biodegradable, recyclable at the end of its useful life and has the same properties to conventional viscose fibers. The new material aims to drive forward the circular economy and reduce the fashion industry's dependence on new raw materials such as cotton, oil or wood.

CIRCULOSE® is made from 100% textile waste where cellulose is derived from worn-out cotton clothing and production waste.
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Controlled Dyeing Process

In collaboration with Acatel, an Impetus Group company, the entire dyeing and finishing process can be controlled, which is often a challenge with recycled fibers. All preparations are bio-based and there is the option of dyeing with mineral pigments or Colorifix technology.

The lightweight, softly draping tank top was produced using seamless technology with a slight structure.

This Convinced the Jury:

  • sustainable material made from recycled cellulose
  • Reduces dependence on new raw materials
  • Lower resource consumption and CO2 footprint
  • high-quality look & feel

Statement from Impetus:

"At IMPETUS we are committed to a sustainable future, not only when choosing the raw materials, but also when defining our own production processes. This cooperation with Renewcell brings into life a new second skin tailoring product, with very nice touch and feel, with low environmental impact."

What the Jury Said:

"The recycling of used textiles is a key technology for the future of the clothing industry. You can neither see nor feel the origin of this soft, comfortable material, which is amazing."
ISPO Award Jury
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