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ISPO Award Winner 2023: Glu-Tech Tights by liiteGuard

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LiiteGuard's Glu-Tech Tights are here to change the game for runners. A fusion of innovation and style ensures more stability.

Stable hip, fewer injuries

For avid runners, knee injuries are an all-too-common adversary. To battle this, liiteGuard presents their groundbreaking Glu-Tech Tights – a garment that promises to transform the way we run. Designed in collaboration with top athletes and industry professionals, these tights are not just another piece of sportswear but a blend of innovation and years of expertise. At the core of the Glu-Tech Tights is the revolutionary hip stabilizing elastic. This design marvel activates the gluteal muscles, laying the foundation for enhanced running efficiency while also preemptively guarding against knee and foot injuries.

But that's not all! These tights are constructed with compression materials. What does this mean for the wearer? Superior muscle support coupled with optimized blood flow. Compression tech is woven into every fiber, offering double benefits: solid muscle backing and an improvement in blood circulation. The result is an enhanced running experience, lesser fatigue, and a reduced injury risk.

For those who value comfort, the Glu-Tech Tights don't disappoint. Made with a sweat-wicking four-way stretch fabric, these tights promise uncompromised mobility. Plus, the flat seams ensure that comfort isn’t just an afterthought. One of the standout features, especially for those who are always on the go, is the hidden side pockets. Whether it's your mobile, keys, gels, or any other essentials, these pockets ensure that you have everything you need safely secured during your run or workout.

The wide elastic band sits on the hip and lumbar area, which helps stabilize and activate the glutes for better performance and injury prevention.
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Less inward rotation in the hip

Apart from stocking a truly distinctive product in a market swamped with generic black tights, the Glu-Tech Tights allow for an interactive selling approach. Through the innovative hip drop exercise demonstration, retailers can showcase the real-world impact of hip stability on conditions like "runner's knee," bolstering the product’s credibility and appeal. Plus, their unique aesthetic design ensures they stand out, attracting more customers and amplifying sales.

Consumers stand to benefit significantly. A study from a thesis project carried out at Aalborg University in Denmark, compares the Glu-Tech Tights to a normal pair of running tights, which indicates that the Glu-Tech Tights genuinely improve hip stability. This reduces the internal rotation of the hip and inward movement, also known as adduction, of the hip during a run, directly addressing the infamous runner's knee issue. “They have measured how much the hip internally rotates and moves inwards in the stance phase of the run, i.e., when the foot is on the ground”, says liiteGuard Co-founder and CEO Christopher Geertsen. “When reviewing all measurements with our Glu-Tech Tights , it shows that the average internal rotation of the hip was reduced by 46% and the hip inwards (adduction) movement was reduced by an average of 5,4%. It also showed that the lateral pelvis drop, which refers to which extend the hip is moved or dropped to the side during the stance phase in running, was reduced by 12% in average.”

Make every run a joy in liiteGuards Glu-Tech Tights series
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Suitable for many activities

The Glu-Tech Tights are produced in a responsible fabric, of which as much as 75% has been produced from recyclable polyamide. “In addition to recycling polyamide materials, we have chosen an extra durable material that is extremely resistant to abrasion. This extends the life of our product, as we do not want to encourage overconsumption”, says Geertsen. In a world where sportswear often sacrifices function for fashion, the Glu-Tech Tights by liiteGuard challenge this norm. It's not just about looking good; it's about running better and safer. Furthermore, they're 100% squat-proof yet remain breathable – making them perfect for activities beyond just running, like fitness routines or yoga.

liiteGuard – more sport, more joy
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What the ISPO Award jury says:

"The running tights impress on multiple levels: A pleasant touch and comfortable wear are the initial impressions. The increased stability while running is noticeably felt in the core. A product that aligns with the needs of runners. Simply a good idea."
Jury ISPO Award

These features convinced the Jury:

  • Innovative hip stabilizing technology
  • Fabric made from 75% recycled materials
  • Four-way stretch
  • Moisture-wicking fabric

Product Specifications:

  • Available: on market
  • RRP: from € 67.00
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