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Dr. Regina Henkel

ISPO Award Winner 2023: Absorbent Menopause Leggings from Femography

Menopausal Women: These Leggings by Femography Relieve Menopausal Symptoms

Menopausal women struggle with side effects such as hot flashes, night sweats and urinary incontinence to name a few. Helping women stay active even in this not-so-short phase of life, Femography has developed leggings that help manage the intensity of the number one symptom of the menopause, hot flashes, whilst offering other useful features.

Winner of the ISPO Award 2023: Femography (Become) Absorbent Menopause Leggings.

Menopausal women are a natural part of the target groups of many sports companies. However, very few sports brands take the specific needs of women in this phase of life seriously and develop products tailored to them. Femography powered by $2B apparel giant MAS Holdings, is a design and manufacturing company that is helping global brands address this new target group. With its Absorbent Menopause Leggings, the company is breaking new ground and showing that the sports market has a lot to offer for this target group.

Staying active through menopause

About 80 percent of menopausal women have experienced hot flashes. There are three phases to a hot flash: an intense feeling of heat, excessive sweating, and a chill after the hot flash. Hot flashes are completely unexpected and unannounced and can affect women in any situation. Although it is a natural phenomenon, it is still uncomfortable.

Femography aims to alleviate these challenges with leggings that are suitable for both sports and everyday wear, allowing women to continue to lead an active lifestyle.

The Absorbent Menopause Leggings are designed for menopausal women.

Targeted Temperature Management

At the heart of the Leggings is the patented Anti-flushTM Technology. This means that the leggings are designed to reduce the intensity of the three phases of a hot flash and help keep you cool and dry. The fabric cools the body, quickly wicks away sweat and helps regulate body temperature. It does this by absorbing some of the heat from the first phase and releasing it back to the skin during the final phase of the hot flash when the body goes into a post flush chill.

The patented Absorbent Gusset Technology - a leak-proof, absorbent gusset in the crotch - acts as a fluid barrier and helps with incontinence and irregular bleeding, other prevalent symptoms of menopause. The gusset is made of a moisture absorbing material and a hydrophobic and stain resistant mesh layer in a contrasting color, combined with odor control and anti-bacterial properties that further enhance comfort and provide the wearer confidence.

Collaboration with scientists and women

Ensuring that the leggings are built with a key purpose, blending fashion with function, Femography has worked closely with the Hohenstein Institute in Germany for product testing and validation. The Anti-flushTM technology was tested in a clinical study conducted in collaboration with three universities in the UK (University of Leicester, University of Bristol, Open University of London). In addition, the products have been tested and approved by women, including doctors, mothers, bloggers, and athletes, each going through different stages of menopause

Soon to be launched in a variety of aesthetic colors and sizes from XS to 4XL, Femography offers not just the Absorbent Menopause Leggings, but also an array of menopause underwear including bras, panties shorts and much more, that complete your activewear outfit, available via Become, Femography’s direct-to-consumer brand.

The patented Anti-flushTM Technology reduces the intensity of hot flashes.

This convinced the jury:

  • New, specific product for a new target group
  • Highly functional solution to a taboo problem
  • Scientifically backed and tested functionality
Statement from Femography:
"The ISPO Award is a significant leap forward for Femography in its journey to redefine women’s health and well-being, giving them the confidence and drive to stay active as they go through menstruation, pregnancy, postpartum and menopause. It motivates us to continue the conversation on taboo topics, break stigmas, and develop innovative products that make a real difference. Femography continues to develop an industry-leading menopause apparel line made available to consumers via Become, and our award-winning Absorbent Menopause Leggings are a testament to our commitment in bringing normalcy and greater relief to women who are navigating this transformative phase in life."
Pilar Diaz, CEO of Femography by MAS
This is what the jury says:
"The special needs of women in sports have only recently been considered in all consistency in the sports and fashion industry. Leggings for menopausal women that alleviates all the unpleasant side effects such as hot flashes and incontinence is a novelty and is sure to help many women feel more comfortable in sports and everyday life."
Jury ISPO Award
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Dr. Regina Henkel
Dr. Regina Henkel
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