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ISPO Award Nominee 2024: Wind One by The Flow

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A promising innovation: the MaxFlow ventilation system from a new running brand, The Flow. The Asian brand wants to revolutionize the running shoe market with the Wind One.

Patent-pending Max Flow Ventilation System

Innovations are a driving force in the running shoe industry. A new player in the market is making a bold statement with a newly designed ventilation system. We're talking about the Wind One, the first running shoe from the Asian brand The Flow, featuring its patented 360-degree ventilation system "MaxFlow." With this ventilation system, The Flow aims to set a new standard for the ecological foot health of runners. This goal is to be achieved through advanced ergonomics combined with medical insights to create an optimal microclimate for the feet.

Looking at the design details of the shoe, it's clear that The Flow is developing state-of-the-art shoe construction. The MaxFlow system consists of a combination of innovative materials. It starts with a breathable one-piece upper material, reinforced with a 3D side stripe wing. This is complemented by a breathable, antimicrobial insole that covers the entire underside of the foot. The midsole is made of a supercritical foam with a density of 0.12 g/cm³, enhanced by an ergonomic carbon fiber plate to boost runners' propulsion. The outsole is made from an ultra-light, non-slip UPU, containing 46% bio-based carbon, making it biodegradable.

With MaxFlow, The Flow brand presents a patented 360-degree ventilation system.
Image credit:
The Flow

Innovative Design for Enhanced Foot Health

One of the standout features of the MaxFlow system is its intelligent ventilation design. Air flows under the entire foot, entering the shoe through ventilation holes in the front, sides, and under the midsole with each step, and is then pumped out. This continuous airflow maintains ideal temperature and moisture levels, significantly increases comfort, and reduces the risk of foot injuries.

The multi-layered, 3D-printed sole system supports exceptional ventilation and provides zonal support. The innovative design addresses common biomechanical issues, reducing stress and allowing the feet to breathe more. The 3D-printed cushioning structure with a cut-out ratio of 77.5% reduces impact by 70%, offering unparalleled shock absorption and comfort during long runs.

To further enhance performance, the Wind One features a supercritical foam midsole paired with a lightweight, non-slip UPU outsole. These materials not only improve durability but also ensure a stable and comfortable running experience.

As if these innovations weren't enough, The Flow promises an extended lifespan of up to 1,500 kilometers for the Wind One. This is significantly longer than comparable lightweight running shoes, providing additional cost savings.

A 3D-printed sole system supports exceptional ventilation and provides additional zonal support.
Image credit:
The Flow

Technology paired with ecological responsibility

Currently in its third development phase, the Wind One has already generated significant expectations. The experienced team behind The Flow, consisting of industry experts, is already planning the next steps for future releases. The brand's commitment to combining innovative design with sustainable practices sets a new standard in the running industry, making the Wind One a noteworthy contender.

The Wind One from The Flow is envisioned as the future of running shoes, where advanced technology meets ecological responsibility. This blend of performance, durability, and sustainability ensures that the Wind One is not just another running shoe, but a significant advancement in the industry. As The Flow continues to refine and expand its offerings, the running community eagerly anticipates what the brand will introduce next.

A ventilation slot in the forefoot area of the midsole allows air to flow into the Wind One.
Image credit:
The Flow

What the jury says:

"With the nomination for the ISPO Award, an innovative running brand can introduce itself to the market. And rightly so. The ventilation system has a truly innovative character. How it ultimately works under load and in the long term will become clear during long runs. In any case, the holistic approach is appealing. Say goodbye to athlete’s foot?"
ISPO Award Jury

These features convinced the Jury:

  • »MaxFlow« System - 360° Air Flow
  • Focus on Injury Prevention
  • Promotes ecological foot health

Product specifications:

  • Available: June 2024
  • RRP: € 250.00
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