ISPO Textrends’ Trendbook 2019/2020 is the essential must-have sourcing tool

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The goal from ISPO of being a service provider 365 days continues, offering support and connectivity throughout the sports and outdoor sectors, engaging the industry in delivering the best products and minting a healthy business, but it isn’t just for brands and buyers. ISPO Textrends follows suit, delivering unparalleled information on trends, colors and products that can be incorporated and worked into new collections through the seasonal trend book.

ISPO Textrends, the focal platform for textiles.

ISPO Textrends continues to grow

With an increase in visitors registered at Munich’s ISPO Textrends in January, almost 3000 designers and brand developers, an increase of 7 per cent compared to the previous year, confirmed the importance of the textile trend forum in connecting the industry to the new developments available on the market.

On display, split into 10 sectors including membranes, outer layers, base layers, insulation, trims and accessories, visitors had the opportunity to touch and handle the fabrics and trims teamed with the company details and information to direct them to the right source.

Textile Sourcing 365 days

Whilst the ISPO Textrends forum is becoming a staple part of their schedule for visitors to ISPO Munich, getting an overview of the selected products available, it doesn’t just stop there. If you missed the experience at the show, or didn’t have enough time to take it all in, the ISPO Textrends trend book contains all the information.

Order your digital Trendbook now! - ISPO TEXTRENDS FALL/WINTER 2022/23
Discover more than 240 textile products as well as the complete trend information and color palettes for Fall/Winter 2022/23 and Spring/Summer 2023.

The digital Trendbook features:
✓ More than 240 of the most innovative materials selected by the jury ✓ All products with clickable contacts and company details
✓ 3 Mega Trends for Fall/Winter 2022/23
✓ 5 Textile Trends for Fall/Winter 2022/23
✓ General Color Chart for Fall/Winter 2022/23
✓ Preview on Textile Trends for Spring/Summer 2023 and color cards

“Shows can become so overwhelming, being able to see all the products in one spot is valuable,” said Tiffany Yerby Dillon, director of design, 5.11 Tactical, with reference to visiting the ISPO Textrends forum at ISPO Munich. As well as visiting the forum, Yerby Dillon regularly purchases the trend book annually,  allowing her the opportunity to have all the fabric and supplier contact information from her base in the US as well as sharing with her team.

Not being biased, the trend book is a fully illustrated version of the contents of the forum, and is an invaluable sourcing tool to have at your fingertips. In addition, even after the season has passed, each trend book continues as source of inspiration through the products, inspiring and engaging designers and brand developers with specific companies that offer the function, performance and type of fabric or trim they are looking to source.

Each product that featured in the forum is photographed in high resolution, the next best thing to the actual physical product, highlighting the structure, composition and most importantly of all, the contact details to order those samples

“I buy the trend book as both myself and our brand manager, the designers and fabric technologists we work with use it to guide our fabric, product and color selections for future seasons,” said Stephanie Jones of Spotty Otter, a repeat purchaser of the trend book each year.

10 different sectors are defined at ISPO Textrends.
Image credit:
Messe München GmbH

The essential textile sourcing tool

The sixth edition of the Fall/Winter 19/20 Trend Book allows for the entire forum, all the information and to be with you all year. In addition to the trends and color palettes for Fall/Winter 19/20 there is a preview of colors and trends for Fall/Winter 20/21. The latest Trendbook is available to buy at ISPO.com guaranteeing unlimited access to the best innovation and creativity that will define future collections.

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