Outdoor jobs: working in connection with nature

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An outdoor job means working with nature flair. Millions of Germans practice outdoor sports: they go hiking, jogging or mountaineering. This trend is creating brisk demand in the outdoor industry - and many interesting jobs. We present outdoor jobs, for which an application is worthwhile and name training requirements and approximate salary.

Professions with movement and nature: Good for your health

The job market is modernizing and many classic job descriptions are changing. Jobs in the outdoors have always existed, but two of the following job descriptions are not actually known as typical outdoor jobs. 

Working in nature or outdoors is also good for your mental health, as you combine your job of choice with beneficial work environments. The requirements for a good workplace are currently in a state of flux and outdoor jobs, home office, etc. offer alternatives to traditional job descriptions - alternatives that combine work and health.

1. media designer

From analog to digital, outdoor products need to be presented and advertised. Media designers take on this creative task, designing graphics, newsletters, store campaigns and image videos.  

To be up to the outdoor job, you not only need programming skills and experience in design and layout. Media designers must also have excellent knowledge of the respective sports scene and "speak the language" of the active people.

What is the best way to reach snowboarders with a new product? What's hot in the scene and where will the sport go? Without these "internals" and your own enthusiasm for the sport, you can't do this job.

Training requirements:

  • Media design studies or completed training as a media designer digital and print.
  • With professional experience in the field of design, a cross-entry is also possible, for example after studying project management.

Media designer salary:

  • Depending on company size and personal work experience, the starting annual salary ranges from 24,000 to 33,000 euros.
  • In self-employment, the salary opportunities are better, although it depends on the order situation.


2nd outdoor job: store manager

The success of an outdoor store depends on many factors: from the local location, the assortment, the opening hours, the competence of the sales staff, the price, the competitive situation, the advertising up to the monitoring of returns. In most cases, an online strategy is needed in addition to in-store sales, including a social media presence and search engine optimization.

For the success of the e-commerce appearance is determined at many adjusting screws, which must be constantly readjusted. The organization and control is a job of the store manager. He is responsible for the design of the assortment and the presentation of goods as well as costs, turnover and profit. He is also responsible for managing the store staff.

The good thing about the outdoor job: There are usually numerous job offers in the retail sector, and the opportunities for better-paid sports jobs with large companies and retail chains are enormous.

Training requirements:

  • Studies in business administration or business informatics. Lateral entry possible after many years of experience in sports retailing.

Shop Manager Salary:

  • Depending on the size of the company and personal work experience, the starting annual salary is between 33,000 and 42,000 euros.
  • A performance-related salary component is common.


3. tour manager / sport tourism businessman

Hiking without luggage, llama trekking, organized multi-day tours from hut to hut - that's how tour providers earn their money. In this job, you design and organize routes that are tailored to specific target groups: active vacationers, families with small children, or spry seniors.

There are special offers for many outdoor sports: guided trail running or mountain biking for tourists with sporting ambitions who are unfamiliar with the area, for example.


Vom Trekking-Guide bis zum Bergführer: Jobs in der Outdoor-Branche
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To plan appropriate tours, you need organizational talent as well as excellent knowledge of the outdoor market and the respective region in which the services are offered. There is no other way to estimate demand in this outdoor job. Negotiation skills are required to organize cooperation with local providers.  

Training Requirements:

  • Recommended is a three-year training as a tourism clerk, a lateral entry of tour guides or mountain guides is also possible.


  • Tour providers are often independent contractors who calculate their prices hard. Earnings depend on demand. For salaried tour managers, salary is heavily influenced by company size. The range is between 24,000 and 58,000 euros.  


Outdoor Jobs Conclusion

Outdoor jobs are great for those who are close to nature. In the coming years there will be some more changes in this area and the flexible possibilities in the working world create additional outdoor activities.


Finally, we answer frequently asked questions about outdoor jobs.

What are the professions with sports and good salary?

The salary should play a subordinate role in the choice of profession, because only those who pursue their activity with interest and fun can earn a lot of money in the long term. Good salary and income prospects offer the professions of sports physician, physiotherapist, sports therapist and store manager. 

What professions are related to sports?

There are now many professions involving sports. These are the 10 most popular:

  • Physiotherapist
  • Sports journalist
  • Shop Manager
  • Sporting goods salesman
  • Sports therapist
  • Fitness instructor
  • Sports assistant
  • Nutritionist
  • Sports medicine physician
  • Fitness consultant