These are the topics of the World Cycling Forum 2021

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On September 6 and 7, the World Cycling Forum 2021 will take place at the Munich Exhibition Center with the theme "Capitalizing on the current bike boom", right in advance of the IAA Mobility show. Keynotes and panel discussions will cover topics such as e-commerce and dealing with a changing retail environment, as well as a look ahead to the bike industry of the future. ISPO.com readers receive a discount of 300 Euros.

The World Cycling Forum 2021.

Unprecedented demand has characterized the last 18 months and now the challenge is to leverage the boom for healthy growth from within the bike industry. Whether sustainability or mobility, health, and exercise in urban areas, whether while commuting or on vacation, the bike is in constant demand. Against the backdrop of these developments, the World Cycling Forum 2021 is aimed at decision-makers from bicycle and e-bike manufacturers in Europe, the USA, and Asia to discuss relevant topics, provide impetus and outline the future and successful further development of the bike industry itself.

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ISPO.com readers who take part in the World Cycling Forum 2021receive an exclusive 300 Euro discount compared to the regular price of 1100 Euros. When registering at worldcyclingforum.org, simply select “ISPO.com Subscriber” and enter the code “WCF-discount-2021”.

IAA Mobility visit as part of the World Cycling Forum 2021

In the course of the World Cycling Forum, directors and managers in purchasing, procurement, and supply chain, CEOs and COOs, P&A manufacturers and distributors, retail representatives, chains and franchisers but also interest groups will come together September 6 and 7. Together they will discuss what is currently moving the cycling industry and how the boom around the bike can be used. This year, for the first time, the World Cycling Forum (WCF) 2021 will take place in the run-up to the IAA Mobility in Munich. The conference program on September 6 and 7 includes keynotes by top industry experts, interactive discussion panels, lunches as well as networking.

Top-notch speakers provide important industry input at WCF.
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Registration also entitles attendees to an exclusive ticket to the IAA Mobility, which will subsequently take place from September 7 to 12, also at the trade fair center in Munich. The WCF will also include a joint visit to the mobility trade show. Depending on membership status, prices for the WCF range from 800 Euros for members of the World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI), 900 Euros for Bike Europe Members, or 1100 euros for the general public. By using the code "WCF-discount-2021", ISPO.com readers also receive a special discount and get their WCF 2021 ticket for 900 Euros.

ISPO.com is a media partner of the IAA Mobility and highlights topics such as sustainability and mobility through the lens of sports. Especially regarding aspects such as sports, health, and exercise, the World Cycling Forum also represents an important highlight in the mobility area, where solutions and trends are discussed that will influence future societies as a whole.

Topics of the World Cycling Forum 2021 at a glance:

  • Growth and challenges of e-commerce in the bike sector
  • Value of the traditional bike store vs. online commerce
  • Learning from other industries: dealing with a changing retail environment
  • Best practices in customer service
  • Trends and developments: the bike industry of the future

E-commerce in the bike industry: growth prospects and challenges

Whether it's a road bike, mountain bike, or city bike, the search for a new two-wheeler can sometimes cost customers nerves and time. For example, when it means driving from store to store, choosing between numerous other shoppers' bikes, and hoping that the right bike is in stock. Many customers therefore prefer to do their research online and as well as customizing their desired model on the internet as well. Also booming due to the pandemic, those who had not switched to an online offering in times of lockdown sometimes found it difficult to prosper.

At the same time, e-commerce also presents numerous challenges, whether for large or small retailers, manufacturers, or brands. IT infrastructures have to be mastered, data management, availabilities, content and logistics have to align, waiting times have to be avoided. Nevertheless, online commerce is here to stay and offers numerous growth opportunities, which will be highlighted in more detail during WCF 2021.

Stage of the World Cycling Forum 2021.
On September 6 and 7, the World Cycling Forum 2021 will come to Munich in the run-up to IAA Mobility.
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Traditional bike store or e-tail specialist?

So is the time over for brick and mortar shops in the bike industry? Not at all, one might think, since bicycles and components are technical products that require explanation and advice. Also, people want to test a bike before they buy it. Of course, some things can also be covered online or through test events, for example. The bicycle store, whether a large chain or a small retailer, still has its advantages and raison d'être in the mix today, as do the online specialists. At WCF 2021, keynotes and subsequent Q&A sessions will handle the pros and cons of different business models and shed light on how to make them as profitable and forward-thinking as possible.

Customer service and the changing retail environment

For customers today, the focus is on one thing above all: a shopping experience that is as seamless as possible and designed to be flexible and pleasant. Of course, professional expertise, advice, and support represent an important factor in ensuring that everything runs smoothly. You have to know the customer to be able to advise him, but at the same time, other basic conditions also put the retail trade to the test. Hardly any customers buy spontaneously anymore, most of them do research beforehand or even directly in the store on their mobile device, be it to compare prices, check statements, or read reviews.

Linking online and offline steps in the buying process is more important than ever, and concepts such as click and collect can provide additional points of contact for upsells, but also create a greater bond with the customer through personal contact. How to make customer service as successful as possible while creating customer loyalty despite a changing retail environment will also be discussed during the World Cycling Forum with best practice examples from different areas and perspectives of the industry.

Capitalizing on the Current Bike Boom is the theme of WCF 2021.
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Don't forget: ISPO.com readers receive an exclusive 300 Euro discount compared to the normal price of 1100 Euro. When registering at worldcyclingforum.org, select "ISPO.com Subscriber", enter the code "WCF-discount-2021" and attend the World Cycling Forum 2021 at the special price.

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