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The Winners of the MultiBall Hackathon

Students and Game Developers Design the Sports of Tomorrow

Within the framework of the MultiBall Hackathon - sponsored by Fun With Balls, Hype Energy, Force of Disruption and Gustavo Gusto - eSports enthusiasts, sports scientists, game developers and graphic designers had the opportunity to develop the sports of the future on the hardware and software basis of the interactive gaming wall "MultiBall".

Playing Multiball at ISPO Munich 2020
The Munich startup Fun With Balls has declared war on growing inactivity with a successful mixture of real sports and motivating gaming in mixed reality. From this, an idea of the first "Mixed Reality Sport" was born.

The team of Fun With Balls, around founder Markos', is not new at the ISPO Munich. The Munich startup has already become the ISPO Brandnew Winner in 2017. Together with the company Force of Disruption from Munich, Fun With Balls now offers a first-class experience at the ISPO Munich 2020.

For three days, four teams with a total of 16 participants developed the sports of the future based on hardware and software of the interactive gaming wall "MultiBall".

MultiBall Already with 30 Different Games

With the product MultiBall, Fun With Balls is now arriving in the mainstream of fitness centres, schools and hotels. With the startup system, balls are precisely tracked electronically during sport. In combination with the interactive wall, unique experiences are created that combine movement and gaming like no other system.

For the interactive, mixed reality MultiBall wall, a selection of over 30 games is currently available. From Space Invaders with a football to tennis-volley training, there is something for everyone.

Hackathon for the Offer's Further Development

This year, the Hackathon took place for the first time at the ISPO Munich 2020. The word hackathon is a neologism created from the words "hacking" and "marathon". Hacking stands for creative problem solving with a playful approach. Marathon for the duration of the event. The aim is always to create a product that is as finished as possible in the shortest possible, compressed time.

However, the fun of dealing with a problem and tinkering with solutions is always in the foreground during a hackathon.

The aim of the Hackathon was to creatively expand the existing range of games. The teams, each consisting of a programmer, a sports expert, a project manager and a graphic designer, should first develop new game ideas and then implement them, at least in the form of prototypes.

Ein Team beim Fun With Balls Hackathon
Four teams with four participants each developed the games of tomorrow over three days.

Four New Game Concepts

This way, four new game concepts were developed, which were presented by the participants themselves on the eSports stage during the grand awards ceremony on the fourth and last day of ISPO Munich 2020.

A jury consisting of employees of Fun With Balls, game developers and eSports experts from Messe München finally decided on the best one.


Die Gewinner des MultiBall Hackathon
The winners of the MultiBall Hackathon - An Ngo Tien (left) and Nicole Zundelevic (right) from Team „Splash"

"Splash" Wins MultiBall Hackathon

The game "Splash" is played one on one on the MultiBall wall. The players throw balls at the wall as fast as possible, and if they hit the wall, coloured areas appear around the point of impact. The player, who first occupies a certain area on the wall, receives points and wins the game in the end.

The concept sounds simple, but according to the jury, it makes perfect use of the possibilities of the MultiBall wall and perfectly combines playing fun, creativity, ambition and movement.

In addition to the possibility to publish the self-developed game worldwide on all Multiball systems, the participants also win 4 wireless gaming mice and 4 wireless chargers from Hyperxgaming with a total value of over 750€.

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