Mega Trends Spring/Summer 2021

Mega Trend: Happy days

The race is on for sustainability with the conscious consumer in pursuit of a healthier lifestyle and a collaborative approach to improving the environment.

Happy Days Mega Trend Spring/Summer 2021

Mega Trend: Stream

Digitalization has gripped all aspects of industry and consumer lives, we are all interactive with AI in streamlining our schedules and more efficient living.

Stream Mega Trend Spring/Summer 2021

Mega Trend: Psyched

Globalization has led to a unified delivery, however, as much as consumers benefit from their global citizenship, they are also seeking individuality and stimulation, lamenting the pervasive sameness.

Psyched Mega Trend Spring/Summer 2021

Mega Trend: Values

For the conscious consumer, less is more, and for this we have to encourage a higher range of multi function within materials to deliver on multi faceted products.

Values Mega Trend Spring/Summer 2021

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