Mega Trends Fall/Winter 2020/21

Vision: Journey

Sometimes you have to slow down to speed up in our frenzied world, in order to deliver enhanced efficiency and effectiveness from the great innovations we have on offer. 

Mega Trends Fall/Winter 2020/21

Mega Trend 1: Smart

Thinking smart is crucial to the advancement of technology and artificial intelligence (AI), as a super efficiency features. 

Mega Trend 2020 Smart

Mega Trend 2: Believe

We live in a global society of post truth and fake news. Nothing is as it seems, so for brands it is crucial to deliver what has been proposed. 

Mega Trend Believe

Mega Trend 3: Emotion

We are losing touch with reality, there is a return to tactility and structures as we embrace a sea of emotional experiences. 

Mega Trend Emotion

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