Mega trends fall/winter 2019/2020

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In today’s consumerist society it is clear we have reached ‘peak stu ’ on items,as access vs. ownership starts to come through. Possession is no longer the name of the game, as it becomes clear that consumers have enough stu , however what is also clear is that while previous amassing of items from smart phones to cars took up leisure time, consumers are now accessing experiences, especially as the power and influence of social media and monitoring apps allows them to share their experiences, as well as compete with their followers.

This is providing a huge opportunity for the sportswear market at all levels, as sports, travel and lifestyle experiences grow in popularity, having a more enduring happiness to the participant. With the connection of wellbeing continuing to push sports activities from amateur to pro, it is the dawning realization that life is short and that while you can earn back money, you will never earn back time is fueling this growth. The compulsion for consumers to widen their horizons and live life to the full is good news to all sectors of the industry.


The readiness of the entire textile chain in embracing the necessity of sustainability creates a renewed approach, as a more competent and e cient approach is taken. The entire industry is on-board not justfor the traditional ecological aspects that fall under this mega trend but also the continuing pressure from the consumer about social equality in the workforce and the conditions. There is a collaborative feeling in working together in creating a more harmonious overall environment in the sector.

The EFFICIENCY Mega Trend is remapping the industry. The continued compliance of eliminating harmful chemicals, incorporating new generation bers on the synthetic front, to the reductionof water and energy in the textile and garments production processes is the foundation, leading to a more e cient design direction and a cleaner and smarter life to the consumer. In turn this new e cient industry will also in uence the nal garment design, with more accuracy in using the fabrics and trims on o er than ever before, which in turn will o er a more dynamic performance to the wearer.


It is fundamental to our being, but breathing and to breathe is becominga popular term of survival advice in a variety of sectors. Living in a frenziedand sometimes state of pandemonium,our 24/7 hyper-connected society and constant attachment to smart phonesand data is overwhelming, to the point of desensitizing. With this mega trend, the advice is to just breathe, take a chill pill, step back and assess the situation and this is having a positive e ect on all sectors of the textile chain and the consumer base.

This big chill out mega trend will be instrumental in the ingredients, fabrics and trims that will be incorporated into the Fall/ Winter 19/20 collections as a softer, calmer approach is taken in terms of tactility without neglecting the core performance, creating an engaging direction between the nal consumer and the brands through the ingredients used. Wide ranging atall levels, from ber selection includingthe new naturals that are featuring inthe market to the reworked syntheticsand finishes that deliver a soothing and new sensuality, other aspects including insulation and trims will also be influenced.

An overview of the three Megatrends is part of the brochure of Textile Trends, which you can download in English language free of charge.