Mega trends for fall/winter 2018/19

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It’s time to take the blinkers o and be aware of the new market opportunitieson the horizon and move out of that comfort zone. The surge in interest in athleisure through to brands crossing over into new territory is providing plenty of opportunity. Key factors, alongside the essential performance sector, is fashion and functionality as a new audience of consumers embrace what we have known all along: the benefits our industry delivers in protecting the wearer and enhancing performance in the outdoor sector.

Customization continues as consumersand brands interplay, communicating through social media. The consumer remains in control. The overall mindset of this mega trend is about smart thinking, reworking classics in giving them a new perspective pushing the conventional into the unconventional. The world of outdoors and active is no longer confined to a niche market, open your eyes and your product ranges to new opportunities. It may look like a long shot, but as the market shifts and the industry embraces new challenges the outcome can truly be a lucrative one all round.


A surge of positivity is required acrossthe board in an ever increasing world of doom and gloom. With our hyperconnected society ensuring, whether we like it or not, that we are up to speed with the latest global news 24/7. There is a demand for escapism, a turn towards freedom and this is going to come through for the season not just in colors, prints and relief but also in product development from the yarns, textiles and trims through to the final garment and product design.

Uplifting and confident, the core of this mega trend is to think positive, push boundaries and deliver top notch function without neglecting a strong sense of style. Bring basics to new levels and generate new products that once would have been only a dream and develop the inconceivable. Extol new products and create an emotional connection with the wearer. The consumer demands newness, wants uplifting through their purchases and wants the latest in functionality, enhanced experience and new emotions. Go on, be confident and seize the day in delivering to the consumers’ requests.


An honest and transparent approach continues to define the market. Virtuousin its delivery, a strong trust is required from consumers that you are delivering the best solution possible to the end product. This mega trend incorporates the invariable eco/sustainable message combined with a strong corporate social responsibility, not just towards the environment but towards the workforce too.

This season we expect to see more interest in natural resources as alternative yarn sources, ranging from the conventional to the unconventional, and finishes feature. Nanotechnology and bio mimicry continue to make a mark, while the performance synthetics and chemical industries continue clean up their act. The reevaluation of production processes, at all levels of the textile chain, ensures the reduction of water, energy and elimination of harmful chemicals. It is an even keel when it comes to natural versus synthetic resources, as both sectors are united and determinedin delivering a cleaner future without neglecting the rigorous performance attributes we have become accustomed to.