Presenting materials and products in 10 different categories

ISPO Textrends Categories Fall/Winter

Innovative products- fabrics, fibers, accessories - can be entered in 10 different categories. As ISPO wants the potential participants to focus on their most innovative products, the number of applications is limited to 5 products per company in each category.

Base Layer

Next-to-skin fabrics for technical underwear, with pre-shaping, support, thermal or moisture management performance. Softness, comfort, anti-bacterial or eco-friendly properties are added values.


Second Layer

Fleece fabrics, lightweight protective fabrics performance linings, stretch or non-stretch; usable for thermal characteristics. Natural fibers from wool and cotton to eco-friendly and sustainable fibers, including cellulosic.


Outer Layer

Lightweight but ultra-resistant woven fabrics, coated or not, and technical membranes. Stretch, waterproof, windproof, multi-layer for ultimate protection against the elements.


Streets Sport

Fabrics range from ubiquitous denim with new performance levels to lighter functional fabrics and finishes with a fashionable edge that meets the demand of today’s urban offering for second and outer layers.


Fibers and Insulation

Traditional feather down, hollow and cross-section man-made or natural fibers with enhanced benefits for activewear.



Technical membranes, stretch, waterproof, windproof with two- or three-layer for ultimate protection against the elements. Reflective, UV-resistant, windproof and waterproof.



Innovative zippers, buckles, buttons, labels, etc. New eco-friendly developments, watertight, windproof performance. Low weight and durability are added values.


Soft Equipment

Performance products for tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, shoes, etc. Lightweight, durable, abrasion-resistant, UV-protecting, waterproof, etc. are required benefits.



Films and tapes for sewn and heat-welded applications. Technical ribbons and cords Stretch, reflective, waterproof is a plus.


Eco Era

Sustainability is becoming mainstream in the textile industry, often regarded as a big polluter by consumers, the change within the textile chain is evident throughout all of the ISPO Textrends sectors. ECO ERA will open the way for the increased development of natural fibers for the performance sector. Applications must have a minimum of 80% of natural fibers as the proprietary ingredient to qualify.