These are the trend colours for Spring/Summer 2025

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What effect do colours have on us? How can brands consciously use them in their collections? And what colours will consumers want in 2025? Louisa Smith, textile and fashion expert and leading jury member of ISPO Textrends, already knows. She presents the in-colours for Spring/Summer 2025.

Louisa Smith is a globally recognized textile and fashion expert. Her innovative spirit and expertise make her a sought-after opinion leader in the textile industry - also in the sports and outdoor sector. She is a leading member of the jury for the ISPO Textrends Awards and presents them once a year at ISPO Munich. Louisa Smith will also be supporting the ISPO Award team with a sustainability check and examining the sustainability claims of relevant products - for more transparency and real change in the world of sports. For ISPO.com, she looks at innovations and trends in the industry in her column Tex-Bites.

Turbulent conditions in many parts of the world, economic and social instability, climate change, war and uncertainty about the future - these factors also influence the ISPO Textrends and the colour trends for Spring/Summer 2025.

The colour palettes of ISPO Textrends are not trend guarantees, but an inspiration and a suggestion for brands that want to find, complement or change their individual color palette. Because consumers are always on the lookout for unique pieces.

As in every season, the Core Palette is at the center of the colour trends. It represents the latest and most popular basic colours and is supplemented by four Satellite Palettes whose colours interact with it. The extent to which the Satellite Palettes are used is entirely up to the brands themselves.

The basic mood of the colours for Spring/Summer 2025 is positive, but not overbearing. The trend is towards soft, enveloping colours that have nevertheless lost none of the power that activewear needs. A contrast to this are bold hues that send a strong message.

Core Palette

To convey a feeling of warmth, the primary colours are made even softer. New to the palette is violet, a colour associated with diversity and conveying a sense of creativity, peace and pride.

This palette can be used alone or as a base for contrasting and complementary shades from the Satellite Palettes or other colours. There are no limitations here.

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ISPO Textrends

Satellite Palettes


A grounded palette with summery hues perfect for outdoors. Classic natural tones from earthy browns to bold khaki are accented with berry and blue hues and used in a matte finish that is calming and grounding. The Gravity palette pairs well with the blues and oranges in the Core palette to accentuate the earthy tones.

Urban Space

Inspired by the Urban trend. The palette includes not only classic grays, especially with cool undertones, but also contrasting urban colours that give a sense of reality. Combined with the black, white and pink shades from the Core palette, an interesting contrast is created.


Protection is a key component for outdoor apparel, as performance fabrics and protective finishes keep athletes* physical and safe from the elements. The Panoply palette is tone-on-tone, soft hues that look casual and are used matte and look unique when combined with bright, shiny and metallic fabrics and coatings. They pair well with the understated colours from the Core palette.


"One man's trash is another man's treasure!" The inspiration for this palette comes from old and recycled fabrics that can be used again and again. The treasure chest of this colour palette consists of bright tones and intense matte contrasts that catch the light. They pair well with classic black, white and solid primary colours from the Core palette to create a sense of added depth.

Image credit:
ISPO Textrends

Colour references: Pantone Textile Guide

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