Sharing is caring - how the textile industry is breaking new ground

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Sharing is caring - that is the motto of an entire industry! As Louisa Smith, textile and fashion expert and leading jury member of ISPO Textrends, emphasized in her presentation at #OutDoorbyISPO, the great goal of the textile industry is to learn from each other and to inspire each other. Gone are the days of competition! People are pulling together to become even more sustainable, transparent and efficient. Who are the great role models? The winners of the Textrends Award. Find out more exclusive insights and everything about the current and upcoming megatrends now.

Louisa Smith zeigt die Trendfarben der Saison Spring/Summer 2025 im Speakers Corner auf der OutDoor by ISPO 2023

The current megatrends

"All together now..." is the big motto of the Spring/Summer 2025 season: Brands work together and share important information, insights and ideas with each other. A novelty in the industry - and at the same time a new way that shows: The textile industry doesn't want winners or losers, but team players who lift each other up. It is important for the industry to be accountable, especially to consumers. Consumers also want to be more and more involved in all measures for sustainable use of textiles. The keyword here is circular economy. In addition, there is a strong desire for trust: brands that manage to establish a good relationship with their customers win. The big problem in the industry is greenwashing. Many mean well, but end up in the greenwashing trap. What is needed here is education and knowledge. And that works best in a shared exchange of ideas.

You can find a detailed article on the trends for Spring/Summer 2025 here.

Lecture in full length

You can watch Louisa Smith's entire talk and the awards ceremony here:

What will be trendy? Exclusive sneak peek at the #OutDoorbyISPO

Where is the journey heading? For fashion and textile expert Louisa Smith, the Fall/Winter 2025/26 season is all about "fine-tuning". The industry has evolved enormously, and many brands have already undergone major changes and challenges. Now, according to Smith, it's all about refining and evolving. How to do that? Read about it soon on ISPO.com. If you look at the trend preview, the megatrends for the Spring/Summer 2025/26 season will also continue and continue to be characterized by sustainability, digitalization and the community spirit of the industry.

Megatrend 1: SHEEN

The issue of greenwashing continues to preoccupy the industry. Greenwashing must be eliminated, because consumers need and want to have confidence in the brand. A brand should deliver the cleanest product.

Megatrend 2: LOGIC

In the information overload that we have to live with every day in the digitalized world and the new technologies that are emerging, it is important to keep calm and simply use "common sense". If you think logically, you will get ahead!

Megatrend 3: TIME

This megatrend shows the need to always look ahead, to have the courage to introduce new technologies instead of being afraid of them. The industry must evolve and use digitization to increase its efficiency.

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ISPO Textrends

ISPO Textrend Award for the most innovative textiles

The ISPO Textrends Award is presented twice a year. The jury of international and renowned experts examines and selects the most innovative fabrics on the one hand and innovative garments on the other. This year's awards in the Textile Edition for "Best Product" went to manufacturers who delivered a total package: sustainable manufacturing process and at the same time beautiful appearance of the fabrics. The jury was impressed by the production processes and new weaving techniques that achieved waste reduction, energy from solar and massive water reduction. Products that are recyclable but still have a high quality coating and excellent feel, such as mechanical stretching of the fabric through an innovative weaving technique, were also up front with the winners*.

An overview of all winners and an explanation of the jury's decision can be found here.

One of the coveted ISPO Textrends Awards went to SYCORE-TEX from China
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Messe München GmbH

Apparel Edition Winner

In the Apparel Edition, products scored points for their high and holistic functionality, which they also bring to everyday clothing, for example through magnetic buttons, functional fabrics with beautiful details and a good fit. Here, too, attention was paid to the aspect of sustainability: For example, the NILPLA® T-shirt won because the material is highly functional (blocks mites) and the shirt has an excellent fit ("the perfect white T-shirt"), in addition to being sustainably made from corn starch that comes from food waste. The jury stresses that it is important to think in this direction. Highly functional fabrics that resist odor and bacteria, but are very comfortable to wear and have a beautiful design. So you can climb or hike comfortably for several days and feel safe at all times.