Mega Trends Fall/Winter 2021/22

Sustainable solutions continue to evolve in response to the conscious consumer’s call for cleaner processes. There is no right or wrong, no singular sector that can take credit and the number one position, as all sectors have improved their eco-credentials from circular economy, recycling, energy and water conservation, elimination of chemicals and a renewed responsibility.

Mega Trends Fall/Winter 2021/22


From AI and robotics to big data, social media and cloud, the speed of digitalization affecting our lives continues to develop exponentially, a necessity that business and consumers rely on daily.


Mega Trend Fall/Winter 2021/22 – CODE


It is time to unleash the MOJO back into the market from the materials up, this time responding to the consumers growing dismay of the global ‘sameness’ that they find. Diversity is key, as a more unique approach is required, with customization of a growing factor, combined with limited collections, collabs and drop collections.


Mega Trend Fall/Winter 2021/22 – MOJO


Never before has the consumer been so vociferous, both locally and globally. As brands embrace globalization, the sharing of ideas through international integration has persuaded the textile industry to change its ways, and it continues to do so - the push on sustainability in the sports and outdoors market isn’t over yet.


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