"LAN of the Future" as Part of ES_COM by ISPO Digitize 2020

ISPO Digitize Presents Open Innovation Project "LAN of the Future"

After the successful premiere of the Electronic Sports Competition (ES_COM) by ISPO Digitize 2019, the development of the "LAN of the future" is the next project within the eSports activities of ISPO Digitize. Together with the community, the ideas, the schedule and the wishes for a new LAN event in Munich will be discussed in four project phases starting middle of November, 2019. The final concept for the planned event will be presented at ISPO Munich 2020.

ES_COM: Werden Sie Partner eines der größten deutschen eSports-Events
ES_COM: Become a partner of one of the biggest eSports events in Southern Germany

More than 900 visitors, eSports tournaments in games such as Mario Kart 8, Just Dance, Clash Royale or Super Smash Bros, the final of the Rocket League AMD Masters 2019, one of the largest offline FIFA tournaments in Germany and a professional League of Legends show match between SK Gaming and Schalke 04 eSports: ES_COM by ISPO Digitize 2019 presented itself as the new platform for the eSports and gaming community in southern Germany.

In 2020 the event will even grow further. With the open innovation project "LAN of the future", one of the largest LAN events in the DACH region is being conceived together with the eSports community.

Marcus Meyer, Managing Director of Force of Disruption GmbH and responsible for the organisational team of ES_COM 2020, explains:

"Together with the gaming and eSports community as well as stakeholders from politics, publishers, hardware manufacturers and everyone who wants to get involved in the eSports and gaming ecosystem, we want to develop and implement an eSports and gaming event in Munich. We believe in the power of the community to set up a sustainable and authentic event for many years to come. The integrative idea of eSports will also be essential in this project with Messe München and ISPO Digitize and we are pleased to be part of this development".

The development of LANs began around the 2000s - in Sweden and Norway, LAN parties with up to 5000 participants have already been implemented. The largest LANs in the DACH region are the "Dreamhack Leipzig" (annually in February) with approx. 2000 participants, the "ESF Wien" (annually in March) with 600 participants and the "Switzer LAN" (annually in November) with 1200 participants.

Anyone who wants to make a difference in eSports and gaming is welcome to join the Open Innovation project. We are looking for team-oriented and active eSports enthusiasts, LAN fans, eSports clubs, gamers, university eSports clubs, publishers, hardware manufacturers and political representatives who want to get involved.

After the registration phase from October 1st - November 18th, the participants will be invited to the ISPO Digitize Discord Channel, where they can discuss the project's topics with other participants as ISPO Open Innovation project team members. In 4 project phases, the developed concept ideas are coordinated with the help of a query tool and thus, the collaborative concept is developed step by step. As active project participants, the supporters receive a VIP package as a thank-you for the implementation of the LAN! The final concept for the event will be presented at ISPO Munich 2020.

The goal is to realize the ES_COM LAN 2020 in Munich as a powerful team.

"We don't want to develop a product with the participants, but a joint event. The ES_COM LAN 2020 should correspond to the ideas of the community. Of course a basic framework, which should be extended and improved by cool projects, ideas and games, is given. Community feedback is essential to ensure that we can experience an unforgettable ES_COM LAN 2020 together and drive the eSports business forward," says Marcus Meyer.

The concept is already very popular in the scene.

Joshua "Krone" Begehr (31) is the Managing Director for Sports of eSports Reputation GmbH, one of the world's leading agencies for consulting and marketing FIFA-eSportsmen, League of Legends-Stars and consulting companies in the eSports business. To ISPO.com, he says:

"Anyone who loves and lives gaming and digital will have immediately recognized that ISPO Digitize has not only started with an outstanding lineup of artists and athletes, but has also created a space for completely innovative eSports / gaming content through topics such as VR. The fact that the community should be closely involved in the planning for the next event and can even help to shape it is just as "unique" as the content itself. For me this is the future of eSports! And Bavaria is the ideal pioneer."

Become part of the ES_COM LAN 2020 by ISPO Digitize in Munich and design the "LAN of the future" together with us.

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