Camping - vacation with a sense of freedom

Camping has been one of the Germans' favorite pastimes in the summer months for many years and generations. The offer at and on campsites is large, whereby the vacation in nature has nothing more to do with renunciation and sporadic living. Camping, yes, but it can be a bit of luxury.

Why camping is in again

Today, many people are more and more focused on the return to the original and closeness to nature. What could be more natural than spending your vacation in this way again? This may be one of the reasons why camping is in demand again and not only children love to spend the nights in the tent in the home garden in summer. The romance of the campfire and the view of the starry sky bring back memories of childhood, and at the same time the whole family literally gets together and focuses on the essentials.

Another reason why camping is in demand again is the feeling of freedom. Especially nowadays, where many feel the professional and social obligations of everyday life like a corset, we long to simply be free and independent, to be able to do and let what we want. True to the motto: nothing must, but everything can. Camping enthusiasts are exactly the same - pragmatic and comfortable. If the weather gets bad or the neighbors get on our nerves, we simply pack up and start the engine. Conversely, you quickly make contacts, for example, the children with the offspring of the plot neighbor.

But despite all originality: Renunciation was yesterday, enjoyment is today. Modern sleeping accommodations, whether camper, caravan, tent or motor home, are comfortably equipped, as are most campsites. Outdated sanitary facilities and far-flung electricity connections are a thing of the past in many countries and on many campsites.

Campsites as real outdoor experiences

Who thinks of camping, has peace, relaxation, but also the pure enjoyment of nature in mind. Popular campsites, where you can really relax and enjoy the still intact environment, can be found in the most diverse landscapes and environments. The pallet reaches from rather remotely and far away from fellow men at Norwegian Fjorden up to citynear parking bays in the well-known Central European metropolises, whether in Italy, France and Croatia. Some of them are also so close that it's worth packing the tent or camper for a short trip.

Camping also works with the little ones

Camping vacations are suitable for pretty much everyone, whether adventure-seeking loner, nature lover with pet or family with children. Because experienced parents know very well how much their offspring enjoy being out and about in nature, how exciting it is to sleep under almost the open sky and to perceive one or the other sound. And this is completely independent of the age of the small or large campers.

In this context, it is advisable to first try out camping before setting out on a "real" camping vacation. After all, finding your way around in a confined space with the family is something that has to be learned. Once you've done that, simply plan the route correctly, put on the right camper and set off on your nature adventure.


Campsite hopping as a new travel trend

When it comes to choosing a campsite, many prefer to be close to nature and various swimming opportunities, with the lake narrowly outweighing the sea here at 64 percent to 57 percent. It can be observed that campers are no longer loyal to a particular location. Many favor repeated changes during the journey. In addition it comes that many do not make a concrete route planning in the apron, but remain proverbially there, where it pleases them straight.

If the camping vacation is actually planned, many fall back to expert Tipps and Vorabinformation from the Internet, scarcely half trusts in experiences from the relative and circle of acquaintances. When choosing a campsite, the main criteria are the availability of sanitary and shopping facilities, but also an intact power and water supply directly at the site. But among campers there are also some insider tips on how to find the best spot.


Camping and Traveling

One particular trend that is causing a furor is urban camping, i.e. the direct link between a city break and a camping experience. In the urban area, people have reacted to this and created special sites for caravans, motor homes and the like just outside the city centers. Usually adjacent to green spaces, a park or an area as natural as possible. Thus, the camper finds, so to speak, the best of two worlds, the stay near nature with excursions to art, culture and shopping in a big city. In addition to the typical campsites in urban areas, you can often find special sites that have a water connection and a possibility of gray water disposal.

Popular big cities that are perfect for urban camping in Germany are Berlin, Munich and Hamburg. What all three have in common is their proximity to nature and a good range of camping facilities. Bremen, with its campground at Stadtwaldsee, is also a good address for the new camping trend. Those who are drawn abroad will find good camping opportunities in Rome, and almost every major city in Italy is equipped in this respect. In London, too, camping enthusiasts will find plenty of opportunities to indulge in the nature trend on site.

For those who are drawn to the south, a trip by camper to Lyon or Barcelona is also the right thing to do. While the French city offers a campsite right next to a nature park, there is also a camping location just 12 kilometers outside the Spanish metropolis that is directly connected to the public transport network and located right by the sea.

Rely on the right equipment

To make camping in nature and in foreign countries really fun, you should rely on the right equipment. An outdoor jacket, which can be easily stowed in a neck bag, not only warms, but is also practical as a pillow. Of course, in these times, in addition to charging cable or plug with car adapter, a power bank should not be missing, after all, you want to post vacation photos, briefly check the news on the Internet or look for a route for the hike. A small battery charger, which at best can charge different battery types via a built-in USB port, is then practical and helpful.

Other useful equipment is a headlamp, a folding bed and a barbecue or even a practical tent..

Even camping has rules

Many see camping as an adventure on the doorstep, but there are also rules for nature lovers and hikers. Just pitch your tents wherever you like on your own? There are a few ifs and buts, especially the regulations for spending the night outdoors vary from state to state in Germany and also differ internationally from country to country. It is also advisable to acquire some basic knowledge about camping etiquette.

Popular camping destinations

When one thinks of camping vacations, many have the image of sun, beach and sea in their minds. But Germany itself is also considered a popular camping destination, as are Sweden and Norway. Which vacation destination is actually chosen depends primarily on age, according to surveys. A third of campers between the ages of 25 and 44 prefer the Mediterranean region, i.e. Italy and Spain. Just under half prefer to travel across German territory, and almost 30 percent still travel by camper to Ireland or France.

What types of camping are there?

Camping professionals know - not all camping is the same. Because there are different options for accommodation. On the one hand, tents are very popular. They are considered the most original and at the same time the cheapest form of accommodation. You sleep on an inflatable mattress or sleeping pad in a sleeping bag, and some people also have a simple folding bed in the tent.

The camper van, i.e. the compact camping bus and thus the smallest variant of the motor home, is a second option for camping vacations. Steerable like a passenger car, this mobile base, which often has similarities to a converted van, is the epitome of freedom. You can travel completely independently and reach any remote area with ease, especially in a bus with a higher wheelbase and four-wheel drive. The interior areas are usually cleverly designed and with pop-up roofs or awnings, the volume of space is increased and also the number of sleeping places is increased.

The motorhome is the big dream for many campers, it offers virtually a vacation home on four wheels. A comfortable bed and a kitchenette are installed as well as seating and even a small shower or a private toilet are available in some. This form of living while camping is perfect for all those who like to travel without much planning and yet do not want to miss one or the other comfort.

Last but not least, the caravan is an option for camping vacations. This is especially suitable if you like to stay longer in one place and explore the area from there. Many have a generous awning, which increases the space available by a lot and you can sit even in the rain as good as outside. A major advantage is of course that the caravan is parked at the campsite and the car is then freely available to make trips.

Who all this is too little glamorous or noble, which should set on Glamping. The word creation from GLAMourösem CamPING actually explains itself and is suitable above all for those, which experience a nature adventure, but would not like to buy thereby equal own camping equipment. Glamping accommodations are available in numerous variations, which can be chosen directly on site. Equipped with a comfortable bed and their own toilet, but especially their own shower and a small kitchen, they offer living comfort in the great outdoors.

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