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ISPO Award 2024 for the SipaBoards Allrounder Drive

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Opening up the SUP sport to an even wider target group including everyone from beginners to experienced paddlers, the Allrounder Drive by SipaBoards updates paddleboarding with its integrated e-drive. The innovative self-inflating board, which puts safety on the water to the forefront, was honoured with an ISPO Award 2024.

The ISPO Award winning SipaBoards Allrounder Drive is the world’s most stable e-paddleboard.

With the Allrounder Drive, SipaBoards introduces an electric-powered SUP that revolutionizes paddleboarding with its self-inflating mechanism and integrated E-Jet motor that provides up to 6 hours of paddle assistance per charge. This innovation allows for stable and effortless navigation through wind, currents, tides and changing weather conditions. Increasing safety on the water and making the sport accessible to a wider range of explorers, the concept of the e-SUP does the same to paddleboarding the e-bike has done to cycling. At their jury meeting in the spring of 2024, the jury of the ISPO Awards decided to honour this innovative product with the coveted prize.

SipaBoards is a European company, based in Kamnik, Slovenia. Its alpine origins may not be the place you would normally expect a watercraft company to originate from. “But like our products, we are different,” stressed Sebastjan Sitar, the founder and CEO at SipaBoards. “Driven by innovation and the will to question the status quo, we are set to open up new horizons in water sports. We are the global leader in the electric SUP segment, holding patents for the fully integrated electric SUP.”

Well suited for beginners, but also experienced riders

Equipped with GPS for tracking and safety on the water, the Allrounder Drive caters to everyone from beginners to experienced paddlers whether it’s you, your neighbour, your grandma, or an elite athlete. It simplifies the learning process and allows users of varying fitness levels to paddle together without the need for special permits. Its plug-and-play design requires no tools to set up and maintains the ideal pressure for performance.

In the SipaBoards Drive Collection (Silver) 2024, three models are available, the Allrounder, Tourer, and Neo. The award-winning Allrounder is the world’s most stable e-paddleboard, which leads to increased safety on the water. This wide-bodied model is perfectly balanced and always ready for daily adventures. Its wide standing surface accomodates a paddler and a passenger. The self-inflating e-SUP board is built from aerospace-grade materials. Its X-woven Drop-Stitch core is always automatically inflated to optimal pressure making the board stiff and agile for every ride. The board’s sleek silver/turquoise colour scheme is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional, helping to keep the board cool in the sun. Its durable construction ensures longevity and durability in the marine environment.

The patented SipaDrive is the heart of the e-SUP.
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The e-drive is fully incorporated into the board

At the heart of the e-SUP is the patented SipaDrive. Just as the electric motor revolutionized the e-bike experience, it gives paddleboarding a completely new twist. This means you are more comfortable and safer on the water and have reserves to return to the shore without any problems after the experience. Fully integrated into the board, the SipaDrive is simple to insert and remove, further enhancing the SUP’s stability with minimal additional weight.

In the 2.0 generation, two interchangeable batteries power the drive. They are also easily inserted or removed. Batteries are available in various capacities: those with a capacity less than 100Wh allow users to bring them on board an aeroplane, while those with double the capacity enable longer rides. The drivetrain works as a paddle assist system pushing the rider up to 4 knots and offers more than 6 hours of riding on a single charge.

The system is remote-controlled so everything works seamlessly. The board is operated by a Bluetooth remote mounted on the paddle: just press and go! All boards come along with a smartphone app using GPS tracking for the safety of the rider and the board.

The SipaBoards Allrounder Drive isn’t just about advanced propulsion; it’s about creating a more inclusive and accessible paddleboarding experience that encourages more people to engage in this healthy, low-impact sport. Whether in calm waters or navigating open water, this board promises stability, safety, speed, and freedom. That’s why the jury of the ISPO Award 2024 recognized this inventive model with the popular award.

Fully integrated into the board, the SipaDrive is simple to insert and remove.
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This is what the ISPO Award jury says about the SipaBoards Allrounder Drive

“Thanks to the electric support, SipaBoards opens up SUP sport to an even wider target group and at the same time makes the water sports experience significantly safer, especially for less experienced users.”
ISPO Award Jury

This is what SipaBoards says about the Allrounder Drive:

“We wanted to build the safest board out there, so that time on the water can be fun and carefree. Virtually no other board on the planet can provide the same assurance. At the same time, the motor adds speed, fun, and stability. Our boards are purposefully overengineered to offer you the luxury of staying in control whenever you're paddling out there.”
Sebastjan Sitar, Founder & CEO

5 reasons why the SipaBoards Allrounder Drive convinced the ISPO Award jury:

  • Increased safety and autonomy on the water, GPS equipped, trackable
  • Plug and play setup, no tools required
  • Self-inflating, low maintenance and easy storing (folds into a backpack)
  • Bluetooth connectivity (onboard management platform)
  • Cleared for air travel

Key data:

  • Features: abrasion resistance, chlorine resistance, salt resistance, heat regulation, UV protection, waterproof
  • On sale: Q2/2024
  • RRP: €3.399
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