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ISPO Award 2022: Nidecker's universal, automatic, dual entry snowboard step-in binding

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Has Nidecker succeeded in developing the holy grail of snowboard bindings? With the brand new Supermatic, the innovative snowboard pioneers from Switzerland present a step-in binding that combines the convenience of quick entry with the precision of a classic two-strap binding.

ISPO Award Winner: Nidecker Supermatic Snowboardbinding

The perfect feeling of a corduroy carve chirped with geometric precision; the infinite bliss of a buttery powder turn; the boundless freedom of a pristine powder slope in the sunshine, spread out against a gorgeous backdrop of peaks. Paradoxically, before the most beautiful joys that snowboarding has to offer, there is often an act of awkwardness: the laborious closing of the binding ratchets exposes the ambitious snowboarder to the pitying looks of waiting skiers. The peak of humiliation is reached when you even have to sit down to tighten the straps, only to struggle to pick yourself up again.

How incredibly tempting would it be to simply be able to get into your bindings relaxed, hardly less nonchalant than a skateboarder doing a drop-in?

The best of both worlds: Dual Entry

Step-in bindings have always been sort of the holy grail of binding development.  Instead of strenuously stalking to the edge of the slope on one leg after getting off the chairlift to agonize over closing one's straps, step-in bindings promise a quick and easy way to firmly connect rider and board.

Nidecker's Supermatic now delivers on these promises with impressive technical innovation and style. For almost four years, the developers in Switzerland pondered how the dreamlike comfort of a step-in binding could be realized without having to sacrifice the precision of a classic two-strap binding.

Over the years, the snowboard market has seen several step-in technologies. Most of them have had to contend with one major shortcoming: they required a special boot. However, since quite a few snowboarders consider the boot to be the most sensitive and important piece of equipment in the interface between rider, board and terrain, Nidecker's premise was clear from the very beginning: the Supermatic had to be universal, i.e. it had to work with virtually all boot brands on the market. No rider should have to change the "feel" of his favorite shoe.

Another challenge was the suitability for the backcountry: The mechanism had to function just as reliably in steep terrain and powder. It goes without saying that no compromises could be made in terms of riding feel and precise control.

As easy as it gets! Step- In - Ready!
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One solution for all problems

The Nidecker Supermatic  with its Drop In Technology is the result of a four-year development process and offers a solution to all the disadvantages previously associated with the step-in approach. It is designed as a dual entry system, meaning it can be used in automatic mode as a step-in binding. However, if the terrain, snow or other circumstances make it necessary, the entry can be used conventionally as usual thanks to the two straps. With such flexibility, no snowboarder need ever be worried that, in a difficult situation, his binding system will reach its limits. 

As a universal solution, probably the biggest advantage is that the Supermatic is compatible with all boot brands available on the market.  Many other step-in designs have integrated functions of the binding into a special boot - which often led to problems with comfort.  However, the transfer of power from rider to board works technically identical with the Supermatic and therefore as precise and exact as with classic bindings. This means that every rider can use the Supermatic with the individually optimally fitting shoe from any manufacturer and does not have to make any compromises in responsiveness. 

At home in any terrain
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Quick & Easy with full confidence

The Supermatic's automatic speed entry system is based on the specially developed Drop-In Tech Highback. The backward folded highback allows a quick and uncomplicated entry into the binding. The natural step-in movement activates the heel pedal, and the highback automatically folds up and locks into place. A special roller in the heel cup ensures a smooth entry process and supports the smooth folding up and down of the highback. The optimal fit of the shoe in the binding must be adjusted only once using the so-called Locking Slap ratchets, which allow the adjustment of the straps to the individually ideal length. Once properly adjusted, only the automatic entry is necessary to stand comfortably and quickly perfectly in the binding with every strap-on procedure and immediately start the next run. The exit is just as uncomplicated by pressing the release lever.

The Supermatic is designed as a medium-flex binding. Nidecker relies on proven materials and design details that are also used in conventional high-end bindings. The baseplate made of nylon and fiberglass has been completely redesigned and features the Slip-N-Grip plate. This supports the smooth entry of the boot, to then prevent slipping of the sole in the closed state.  Of course, the Forward Lean is adjustable.

The Supermatic from Nidecker is a real game-changer as the first universal, automatic dual-entry binding. For all snowboarders who never want to sit around in the snow again, it offers a perfect combination of comfort and performance. The Supermatic is the future!

That‘s what Nidecker hast to say about the Supermatic Binding:

„The Supermatic is a true game changer. We looked at all the various step-in technologies that have been introduced to the market over the past decades. We analyzed their successes and failures. By doing so, the essential key specs of the Supermatic were defined : automatic, universal and dual-entry. Once you tried it, you’ll never go back. Skiers will never have to wait for snowboarders at the top of a lift ever again.“

Daniel Schmäh, Senior R&D Engineer within Nidecker Group, responsible for innovation & development

That’s what the ISPO Award Jury has to say about the Supermatic Binding:

„For many years, product developers in the snowboard industry have been trying to simplify the entry into the binding. Nidecker presents with the Supermatic a very simple and at the same time extremely easy to handle concept.“ ISPO Award Jury

Key Features:

  • self-closing automatic step in
  • dual entry
  • provides locked-in feel of two strap bindings
  • quick & easy to get in & out
  • no tightening of Straps necessary
  • works with every snowboard boot brand on the market

Product specifications and feature icons

  • Product Range: Size M/L/XL  (compatible US Boot sizes 5-14)
  • Retail Price: 399 Euro
  • Target Group: All Level Snowboarders
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