Product reviews/03/08/2023

Dometic wins ISPO AWARD 2023 for Hydration Water Faucet & Water Jug

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With the Dometic GO Hydration Water Faucet and the matching Water Jug, Swedish outdoor brand Dometic wins the ISPO AWARD 2023. The water-saving rechargeable electric faucet, in combination with the space saving Water Jug, makes a universal smart water supply solution for every outdoor adventure.

Mini electric faucet as the ideal complement equipment

With their Dometic GO collection, the Swedish market leader for mobile living equipment is aiming at all outdoor and nature lovers who wish to travel not with a caravan but their private car. The Dometic GO collection has been designed so that the individual products in the series can be easily stowed, packed, combined and transported. Practical and robust products including a table, chairs and stackable storage boxes are now complimented by the innovative universal Hydration Water Faucet. Together with the space-saving 11-liter Water Jug, the combined Hydration solution serves both water storage and dosed use with ease. “With the Hydration Water Faucet and Water Jug, we mainly want to target outdoor enthusiasts, car campers, climbers, mountain bikers and surfers," explains Caroline Faidherbe, Head of Outdoor Division EMEA at Dometic.

Hydration Water Faucet can be combined with almost any water container
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Saving precious water

Similar to a home faucet, outdoor enthusiasts can now control the volume dispensed and the flow of water with ease - wherever they are. “Water is an indispensable element when you’re outdoors, and it’s often used more than expected. The Dometic GO Hydration Kit saves this precious water by dispensing the exact amount needed without wasting a drop," says Caroline Faidherbe.

Another feature that convinced the AWARD jury: The Dometic GO Hydration Water Faucet can be used universally. Thus, any water container can be converted into a water faucet for the outdoor kitchen. it’s also very simple to use, a hose is attached to the Hydration Water Faucet, which is inserted into the respective water canister before use. The faucet itself can be placed on the canister or on any flat surface nearby. At the push of a button, the desired amount of water fills the glass or similar container. The pump of the faucet is self-priming and features a light for use when the sun goes down. With a battery that can be recharged via USB connection, a full 150 liters of water can be channeled through the innovative faucet system. The faucet also has an automatic shut-off function. Handy in case it’s accidentally left running.

The Hydration Water Jug has a capacity of 11 liters
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Hydration Water Faucet avoids plastic bottles

The Hydration Water Faucet supports another key sustainability aspect – reducing plastic waste. With refilling existing water containers made easier than ever before, the need to purchase single-use plastic water bottles is replaced by the Hydration Water Faucet and the 11-litre Water Jug instead. The innovative hydration system from Dometic quenches thirst and benefits the planet – a win-win situation for all.

The water flow is started and stopped at the push of a button
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These features convinced the ISPO Award jury:

  •  Small pack size
  • Flexible use with most water containers
  • Ideal tool for campers with their own car
  • Dosing option

Statement by Dometic on the ISPO AWARD win:

“For Dometic, winning the award means a lot. The ISPO AWARD is a renowned, prestigious award within the outdoor industry and reinforces our efforts to make the Dometic brand even more relevant to the outdoor consumer market."

Here’s what the ISPO Award jury had to say about the Hydration Water Faucet:

“A small invention with big benefits. The Hydration Water Faucet is as easy to use as it sounds, just press the button and the exact amount of water you need is dispensed. Undoubtably, this was a key factor in our AWARD decision. For outdoor adventurers looking to go further and stay out longer, this is a worthwhile purchase."

Product specifications:

Available: yes
89,00 EUR (Hydration Water Faucet)
79,00 EUR (Hydration Water Jug 11L)

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