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Digitag by clim8 Wins the ISPO Award 2023

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Digitag by clim8 helps outdoor brands digitize their collections and provides consumers with easy access to product information via smartphone–a new and simple DPP solution that was rewarded with the ISPO Award 2023.

After scanning the QR code with the smartphone, the Digitag by clim8 product website provides access to many product features.

Product traceability has many benefits for manufacturers as it allows products to be tracked from their point of origin to the place where they are purchased by consumers, and beyond. That’s why in the EU, for example, in function of the European Green Deal, the launch of a Digital Product Passport (DPP) has been suggested to assist the circular economy. On the other side, a DPP can also offer great possibilities for the end user, including a digital experience that supports and enhances the use of the product in the analogue world. This is demonstrated by the French outdoor technology brand clim8 which offers its customers an easy-to-implement DPP solution called Digitag.

This concept appealed to the experts of the ISPO Award jury at their jury meeting at Saalbach Hinterglemm, Austria, in October, who rewarded clim8 with the coveted ISPO Award 2023. 

With Digitag, clim8 supports brands in digitizing their collections and complying with European and American regulations on circularity. This way, the brands can provide full transparency from manufacturing to market placement and end-of-life to the end user.

Digitag gives consumers all relevant information on the product, including photos, traceability, as well as care and end-of-life instructions.
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clim8 Has Established the Service in Partnership With Outdoor Brands

Digitag transforms products into smart enablers, for up-to-date multilingual compliance and new forms of engagement in the value chain. Digitag by clim8 is being launched for sports and outdoor brands and is a toolkit for brands to extend the user experience to the digital world. It offers brands a way to differentiate themselves beyond future DPP regulations by offering a digital experience that complements the product. Unlike the large software companies developing other DPP solutions, clim8 has established this service in partnership with outdoor brands to meet the needs of the outdoor market.

In the process, clim8 creates a “digital twin” of the product in its database and provides the manufacturer with a QR code that is printed on the care label of each product without affecting the production process or the usability of the product. Clim8 develops a dedicated web page for each style, accessible via the smartphone’s browser. The data is stored on fast and secured cloud platforms in Europe and can be accessed immediately.

The Website Provides Access to Many Product Features

After scanning with the smartphone, which does not require a special app, the Digitag by clim8 product website provides immediate and easy access to many product features such as photos, attributes (gender, color, size), description, certifications, traceability, care and end-of-life instructions, marketing content, direct links to the store and contact persons, user manual, etc.

In summary, the ISPO Award jury found that Digitag by clim8 can be a practical and useful tool for both businesses and consumers to contribute to the circular economy and a better product experience through digital means.

Digitag enables companies to deliver product information, marketing content, or direct links to their online store straight to the consumer.
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This Is What the ISPO Award Jury Says About Digitag by clim8:

“An advanced B2B solution that transforms products into intelligent enablers for current multilingual compliance and new forms of value chain engagement. Brands can easily differentiate themselves by offering a digital experience that complements the product.”
Jury ISPO Award

This Is What clim8 Says About Digitag:

“The core of the Digitag system has been serving this purpose in our clim8 smart heated garments since 2018. With our flexible architecture, we refined the system to adhere to the DPP laws, regulations and standards. Designed as an SAAS service, the Digitag system is easily incorporated and adapted to support your brand and products sustainability requirements with real-time digital product management.”
- Noël Martinez, Product Manager of Digitag by clim8

5 Reasons Why Digitag by clim8 Convinced the ISPO Award Jury:

  • Easy to implement
  • Secure data storing in Europe
  • No disruption of the production process
  • No special app required for the end user
  • Free of charge for the end user

Key data:

  • Category: SaaS service
  • Available: from November 2023
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