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Cleverly mobile with BusinessBike

Bike Leasing the Easy Way

Mobility and sustainability are among the top topics of conversation. To swing on the wheel, is fully in the trend. Especially in the cities, any traffic jam can be elegantly cycled around with the bike, quite incidentally, the health is promoted. So why not combine the good with the useful and improve everyday life?

For example, the company BusinessBike makes it easy to lease bicycles on the job. Bike leasing offers thereby many advantages opposite a purchase, both for the employee and the employer. How easy business bike leasing can actually be and which wheels can be leased at all, we have summarized below.

Fast Processing - Digital to Driving Fun

The good news first: Bike leasing with BusinessBike is super easy. And this literally. Purely digitally and without annoying paperwork the Dienstradleasing can be initiated over the Internet portal of BusinessBike. The portal serves as the central interface in the leasing process. The individual steps are clearly explained there. The entire process is kept as simple as possible. "Direct interfaces to the leasing bank and insurance company contribute to the fact that we are very fast in the processing. None of the other providers can do that," says Katharina Geyer, Head of Operations at BusinessBike. The basic principle is a framework contract between the employer and BusinessBike. If this contract is fixed, each employee can choose his or her personal job bike. Self-employed and freelancers can also lease a bike. The lease is an all-inclusive solution and includes comprehensive insurance and a mobility guarantee for the bike.

Cycling through the city past the traffic jams. Everyday life can be made easier with a company bike. In addition, the way to work is more fun and promotes health.

Thereby the range of bikes to rent is large. Whether city bike, road bike, mountain bike or cargo bike, the choice is unlimited. E-bikes can also be leased, of course. The bikes are selected via one of BusinessBike's 5,000 specialist retail partners. The company from Neustadt a. d. Aisch has already been able to impressively prove that this concept works successfully. On the Dienstrad BusinessBike brought so far 2.5 million humans. 35,000 enterprises trust in the smart Bike leasing offer.

Employees Benefit from Bike Leasing

Every employee saves by Dienstradleasing with the wheel purchase. Expressed in numbers it is  up to 40 percent compared to a cash purchase. With it still not enough, how BusinessBike Prokuristin Katharina Geyer explains: ?Since the leasing rate is deducted directly from the gross salary, the assessment border for tax and social security contributions changes. By leasing a company bike, the employee pays less in taxes." In addition to the financial benefits, the personal advantages should not be underestimated. Cycling keeps you fit, you can usually get around faster in cities, you save yourself the hassle of looking for a parking space, and you reduce your personal CO₂ footprint. Enough reasons to consider bike leasing. For the self-employed, bike leasing works similarly to car leasing. Incidentally, freelancers and self-employed do not have to choose between car and bike - both can be leased separately and thus be tax deductible.

For employees, a service bike has many positive aspects. It is the ideal way to combine everyday life with the job. This not only promotes motivation, but also creates relaxation.

Employer: Service Bike Brings Numerous Benefits

Similarly to the employee, an employer can also save on social security contributions through salary conversion. This portion is taxed according to the 0.25% rule. Alternatively, employers can offer the leasing payment as a salary plus in their company. This makes bike leasing tax-free and free of charge for employees. The company offers live webinars for employers as an additional service to get acquainted. "Employers get by a bike leasing much more active employees and promote at the same time the motivation as well as the health of the employees", emphasizes Katharina Geyer a benefit, which is neglected with the Dienstradleasing much too often.

The leased bike can also be used on vacation or during leisure time. Here, too, all of BusinessBike's service and insurance benefits apply.

Comprehensive Service, Smooth Mobility

For BusinessBike the customer is always the focus. So that this also works in reality, the bike leasing company pays special attention to its services. "We place particular emphasis on communicatively strong and service-oriented employees. This  allows us to ensure high-quality processing of customer inquiries," says service manager Katharina Geyer. This is especially true when problems arise with a leased wheel. "If a bike is damaged or even stolen, we handle the issue with maximum simplicity. Every bike leased through us is fully insured," says Katharina Geyer. In the event of damage, employees or self-employed persons go to the affiliated local dealer. The dealer deals directly with BusinessBike's insurance partner Enra. The bike itself can be repaired or replaced after a short inspection period. In the event of theft, the bike is exchanged 1:1 for a new bike, which is inserted into the existing contract. These benefits also apply abroad. The bike can thus confidently with on the vacation trip.

And what happens in case of a breakdown on the road? Here, too, BusinessBike offers the maximum service and has also launched a pickup service. This is part of a mobility guarantee included in the leasing rate, which guarantees mobility during a breakdown, accident or theft. In a nutshell: Whether theft, damage or bicycle breakdown - it applies an all-round protection for the leased BusinessBike.

Katharina Geyer, Head of Operations at BusinessBike, puts the company's focus on service. Easy handling and competent advice are es-sential for BusinessBike.

Lease and Save - A Company Bike Is So Inexpensive

The real-time portal of BusinessBike was recently crowned overall winner in the comparison of bicycle leasing portals and not for the first time. As part of the study by the German Institute for Service Quality and the news channel ntv evaluated about 43,000 customers* quality, performance and service of the portals.

Who would like to test the online portal once and want to know what his desire bicycle costs him with BusinessBike in the leasing, which can inform about an advantage calculator directly.

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