#SportStays: KellerSports sMILES App x ISPO Re.Start Days

"Run for Good" and "Re.Start Your Bike Challenge"

At the ISPO Re.Start Days, there is also the chance to exercise: ISPO and KellerSports have created a running and a bike challenge. Participation is open to everyone and not just limited to the participants of the Re.Start Days. And the best: The Challenge is not only fun, has great prizes for the winners, but is also for a good cause.

Saalfelden / Leogang hat Traumtrails zu bieten und sponsert den Gewinn für die Re.Start Bike Challenge

The ISPO Re.Start Days will be framed with two challenges. All you have to do: Register at the KellerSports sMiles App and choose one or both of the challenges. There is a running challenge and a bike challenge.

Until July 5th anyone can join and register on the KellerSports sMILES App. Use the hashtags #SportStays on social media to show your action.

Run for Good - the Running Challenge

Run and do something good! The task: run ten kilometers and track in the app. You decide whether you run ten kilometers in a row, or for example twice five kilometers, or four times 2.5 kilometers (and so on).

For all runners the running shoe experts of On will donate one Euro to the Tegla Loroupe Peace Foundation. The donation will be used to buy land for the Tegla Loroupe Refugee Team to improve training conditions. And there's also something for you to win: A Cloud X running shoe from On will be raffled off among all participants.

On & Tegla Loroupe Peace Foundation
Die Spenden aus der Lauf Challenge kommen dem On Athlete Refugee Team zu Gute. 

Re.Start Your Bike Challenge

We have also thought of the bike friends. Here it is about riding 50 kilometers of bike and tracking this. The prize of the raffle is a very special one: Among all finishers we raffle two VIP tickets for the UCI Mountain Bike World Championship from October 7th - 11th, 2020 in Saalfelden / Leogang.

Included in the price are two nights in the popular active tourism region.


ISPO Re.Start Days

The ISPO Re.Start Days are a digital live conference and the most important industry event for the sports and outdoor industry in summer 2020.

Well-known speakers from major sports and outdoor brands, athletes and experts from associations will present their insights during the two-day event and discuss the future of sports and outdoor with all participants interactively and digitally. With one click you can go directly to the programme.

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