Sport in Munich: Climbing – “Munich is a real hot spot”

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Fontainebleau, the Verdon Gorge or Krabi – any climber’s heart will beat faster on hearing the names of some of the most beautiful, popular and challenging climbing areas in the world.

Every degree of difficulty is possible in Munich
Climbing in Munich is top class

But why seek far off fortunes when the riches are right here in Munich? No other city in the world offers bigger climbing halls than the Bavarian capital: “Munich is a real hot spot for climbers”, confirms Nils Schützenberger from the German Alpine Association. “We have the most square meters of artificial climbing surface per inhabitant. Anyone can have fun here – from beginners and intermediates to pros.”
Of course this also includes visitors to ISPO MUNICH. After a long and strenuous day full of meetings and business chat you can find relief and great diversification in the city’s urban climbing grounds. Here are some of the highlights:

Kletterzentrum Thalkirchen


In the world’s biggest climbing hall 6,540sqm of artificial walls can be found in the outdoor and indoor area; not counting the bouldering area of 1,190sqm! Red, yellow, blue, green, black and white holds cover the grey walls up to a height of 18 meters. Next to it so called free form rocks are waiting for ambitious climbers: Imitating natural rock climbers use the wall’s natural structure to make their way up rather than artificial holds. In total you can choose from more than 555 climbing routes!

Heavens Gate


Right behind Munich’s East train station the 30meters high concrete towers of Heavens Gate rise up into the sky. Europe’s tallest climbing hall is located in the former facilities of a dumpling manufacturer and consists of eight tanks including 114 routes. Boulder fans can choose from more than 150 route variations covering overlapping walls and the “panic room”. The different levels are labeled with different colors: green holds for beginners, followed by yellow, red and blue and finally black holds for experts.

Every degree of difficulty is possible in Munich
Climbing in Munich is top class
Image credit:
Florian Griesbeck, DAV-Sektionen München & Oberland



There are two different facilities in Munich: one in the East, next to Heavens Gate, and one in the West of the city. Both halls offer loads of possibilities and challenges for the climbers: In the East, the hall measures 6.5meters and provides a total of 1,900sqm indoors and 800sqm outdoors. In the West (close to Lochham) the plastic walls are 5.5meters high covering a total surface of 2,500sqm (indoor) and 450sqm (outdoor) – a perfect playground for beginners, ambitious climbers, pros and children.



The High-east climbing hall is not far from the trade show and offers 18meter high indoor and 15meter high outdoor walls with a total of 187 routes ranging from 3 to 10 in difficulty. The boulder area is very appealing: big windows provide great light. But what makes the High-east unique is its spa where you can take care of your body after the climbing session.

Aquarium im MTV München

Aquarium-im-MTV-Klettern-in-Muenchen The artificial climbing hall of the MTV Munich gymnastic club is a real insider tip. It’s a very small but very appealing place that isn’t too crowded. However, Munich’s oldest indoor climbing hall (since 1995) is not that easy to find. After entering the patriarchal building red signs will guide you: first down to the basement, passed the fencing and fitness rooms; then up again through an old staircase until you finally reach the hub. With a climbing surface of 300sqm, a height of 12meters and around 30 routes ranging from 4 to 9 in difficulty, any climber will fall in love with this place.

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