Textiles Trends Spring/Summer 2020

The following five trends will describe in detail what designers and product managers are looking for in order to develop their upcoming collections.

Textile Trend 1: Stimulation

The underlying theme of this trend is how we can take basics and remaster them. We need to inject a strong sense of creativity combined with taking existing intelligent fabrics to a new level but in a less obvious way. 

Textile Trends Stimulation

Textile Trend 2: Halcyon

Dreaming of past times evokes a sense of idyl, reassurance and comfort to the consumer. There is a strong tendency to unearth the archives and rework past favorites into a new delivery. 

Textile Trends Halcyon

Textile Trend 3: Futurama

There’s no escaping the speed of technology that defines all aspects of our lives, and if you can’t beat them join them as we take a futuristic direction to the sports and outdoors sectors. 


Textile Trend 4: Supernatural

The power of performance delivered by natural fibers can no longer be ignored, following the success of merino wool, in targeting the sports and outdoors sectors in a rejuvenated manner through teaming with synthetics. 


Textile Trend 5: Zealous

Tough and targeted, this textile direction delivers a higher level of tenacity to apparel, but also a sensational lightweight delivery. From high compression base layers with zoned body mapping through to micro light shells, the lightest yet that are anti-tear. 


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