Small investment for great promotion

ISPO Textrends Fees Fall/Winter

ISPO Textrends offers the chance to promote the most innovative products among designers, product managers, and journalists and extends ISPO Munich to about a full year. ISPO is more than glad to offer this unique promotion and presentation platform for a very low fee.


There is no participation fee until August 31st, 2019 so investment and risk are very low.

EARLY BIRD until August 31st, 2019

  • ISPO Exhibitors: None
  • Non-Exhibitors: None

STANDARD after August 31st, 2019 (per application)

  • ISPO Exhibitors: 75 EUR (excl. Vat.)
  • Non-Exhibitors: 150 EUR (excl. Vat.)


Once a submitted product is selected by the jury as BEST PRODUCT, TOP 10 or SELECTION, an additional promotion fee will be charged, which covers all promotion tools and services.

BEST PRODUCT and TOP 10 (per selected product)

  • ISPO Exhibitors: 1,250 EUR (excl. Vat.)
  • Non-Exhibitors: 2,290 EUR (excl. Vat.)

SELECTION (per selected product)

  • ISPO Exhibitors: 625 EUR (excl. Vat.)
  • Non-Exhibitors: 1,150 EUR (excl. Vat.)