Mega Trends Spring/Summer 2020

Mega Trend: Emotions

With the onslaught of technology It doesn’t have to be a complex situation or a daily roller coaster ride of man vs. machine. We can achieve a harmonious existence. With artificial Intelligence (AI ) and intelligent augmentation (IA ) influencing all sectors of our lives, one area this technology can’t do is mimic human emotions. 

Mega Trend Emotions 2020

Mega Trend: Big Bang

There's no escaping the changes that are happening with the digital revolution continuing to accelerate at a rapid rate. We need to act smart, not just psychologically but also coming through with smarter technology and smarter textile processing and garment manufacturing.

Mega Trend Big Beng 2020

Mega Trend: Old Skool

‘Old is Kool’ as the consumer continues to shift to a sense of protection and longing. Living in a fast world, with ‘fake news’ and 24 hour information, there needs to be a return to tactility and feeling. Millennials are intrigued by the less efficient past were individual items were essential before being replaced by the ubiquitous smart phone.

Mega Trend Old Skool 2020

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