ISPO Brandnew

Partner Asahi Kasei

Asahi Kasei is Partner of the ISPO Brandnew Village.

The ROICA™ Fiber by Asahi Kasei

Asahi Kasei is a Japanese chemical company, that celebrated its 100th anniversary in May,2022. Asahi Kasei will showcase the Premium stretch fiber ROICA™, the sustainable fabric collection ECOSENSOR™ and the sustainable membrane RespiGard™ at ISPO Brandnew.

ROICA™ is the secret stretch ingredient inside everything in your Modern Wardrobe. ROICA™ improves and refines your clothes, giving pleasure, quality and confidence everyday, bringing new value and real values to the demanding contemporary consumer, where stretch performance from standard fiber now becomes a speciality! 

ECOSENSOR™ is the brand of Asahi Kasei Advance – representing a range of fabrics standing for eco high-tech concept;
keeping the planet fit and healthy by harnessing the expertise in cutting edge innovation for a most sustainable future. 
The vision that lies behind ECOSENSOR™ is bold and ambitious: to keep nature, body and mind in harmony.

RespiGard™ is a unique membrane designed for apparel with the optimal combination of waterproofness + breathability that is also lightweight + eco-friendly. 
RespiGard™ membranes are produced using a solvent-free manufacturing process with a low carbon footprint. The polypropylene-based material is recyclable and completely fluorocarbons (PFCs) free. 

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