Soccer: The World's Mass Phenomenon

An entire country holds its breath, stares at 22 players and cheers. Hardly any other sport plays such an important role in society as soccer. Time and again, millions of people are caught up in soccer fever at the same time. In our news section, we show you what the sport behind the kicks has to offer.

Soccer around the globe - China in soccer fever

China has been the most dynamic soccer market for a number of years and has millions of fans. The country's goals are very ambitious, not least because even the government strongly supports soccer. Find out what moves the soccer world in China and how the journey to the goal "world champion" is developing.

A passion of millions

In 1874, the game of soccer found its way to Germany and still inspires millions of people today. Soccer ignites emotions and passion, in players and fans. Every goal is like a small cardiac arrest, every victory ignites pure fire!

This is how diverse the soccer world is

Diversity is becoming an increasingly important and present topic in our society. It has finally arrived in soccer as well, after topics like LGBTQ+ were taboo for years. We are happy to share more and more positive reports about acceptance in the world of soccer with you - because sport should be for everyone!

Whitewashing sponsorship - real estate companies in soccer

Soccer and sponsorship is a connection that is hard to imagine without. Whether it's perimeter advertising or ads on tickets or logos on jerseys, advertising is an integral part of soccer. Increasingly important sponsors in German professional soccer are listed real estate companies. Rightly criticized?

The future of soccer

Goal-line technology is already a household name for many soccer fans, but what else does digitization have to offer soccer, its players and its fans in the future? From wi-fi in the stadium and helpful wearables for players to entire soccer matches as holograms. We'll keep you up to date on the high-tech innovations of the future.

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