Mountain Bike: Cycling in the Mountains

The bicycle has been in greater demand than ever since the pandemic. The desire to explore the local environment and countryside has increased tremendously over the past year. The Zweirad-Industrie-Verband (ZIV) has announced that May 2020 was the strongest month in the history of the bike industry. Mountain bikes are also enjoying great popularity among athletes. Bike parks, down country, E-MTB boom - the mountain bike industry is experiencing a hot time.

Upswing in the Bicycle Industry

The entire bicycle industry is currently experiencing an upswing. More and more people are getting excited about two-wheeled sports. Due to the great interest in the bike industry, there are always new exciting innovations and practical inventions that make the athlete's heart beat faster. Unfortunately, however, the bike boom does not only result in positive developments. Due to the great demand, there are even often delays in production and delivery problems. If you want to own a new bike for the start of the season, you should look around in good time and follow a few tips.

Bike Boom: 8 Tips on How to Find Your Dream Bike Now

Even before the pandemic, more and more people wanted to buy a bike. In the meantime, the demand for bikes, e-bikes, mountain bikes, and spare parts has overrun dealers and suppliers. shows how you can get the latest bikes and spare parts despite long delivery times with a little luck and patience.

Mountain Bike Trends 2021: Innovations & Opportunities

Bike parks, down country, E-MTB boom - the mountain bike industry is experiencing a hot time. It's not so much the bikes themselves that are changing as their use by new target groups. highlights the seven most exciting mountain bike trends in 2021.

E-Mountain Bikes: From Niche Product to Star of the Industry

The demand for electronic mountain bikes has never been as high as in recent years. The success curve of e-mountain bikes continues to rise: German dealers now sell more e-mountain bikes than conventional mountain bikes. The product range is constantly being expanded and thus also the target group. From e-mountain bikes to e-MTBs for children, you can now find everything in specialist shops. A niche product has become a trend whose end is not in sight for a long time yet.

These Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of E-mountain Bikes

Do the advantages or disadvantages outweigh the disadvantages when it comes to e-mountain bikes? When answering this question, it helps to know some facts and figures about E-MTBs. has compiled the most important information and created a pro-and-con article on the topic of e-mountain bikes.

E-Mountain Bike Trends 2021: Innovations & Developments

The triumph of the bicycle is booming in the Corona crisis - and with it explicitly also e-mountain bikes. An indication is provided by the queries on Google: In April 2020, the term "e-mountain bike" was Googled around 74,000 times in Germany, compared to 33,000 in the same month last year. But what's next for the e-mountain bike business? gives an outlook on the most important e-mountain bike trends in 2021.

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