Product reviews/11/24/2023

High-tech down jacket against cold and dark nights

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The Tanboer Far-infrared Luminous Down Jacket is a real high-tech jacket that brings the latest technologies into our everyday lives. The down jacket uses the nano raw material graphene, which gives textile products completely new properties. Not only can the Far-infrared Luminous Down Jacket glow for 6-8 hours, the high-tech material also significantly increases the warmth of the jacket. Wearers of the jacket thus demonstrate not only their keen sense for the latest tech trends but also their preference for a high level of comfort.

Nominated for the ISPO Award 2023: The Far-infrared Luminous Down Jacket from Tanboer.

Self-illuminating digital fabric with exceptional warmth

The high-tech down jacket was developed for female outdoor enthusiasts and offers glow-in-the-dark safety and cosy infrared warmth. This makes the Far-infrared Luminous Down Jacket from Tanboer a real all-rounder when it comes to warmth, visibility and style. What makes this jacket so special is the technology behind it: TORAY's Graphene technology fabric with far-infrared functionality and SINO-TEXTILE's holographic, luminous digital fabric not only give the down jacket completely new functionalities, but also a very special high-tech style.

Graphene is characterised by its ability to quickly absorb and store human heat, thereby increasing the thermal performance of clothing. A unique heat storage and moisture transport system, which improves breathability through a special down design, provides further advantages of the high-tech jacket and ensures optimum insulation at a low weight. Thanks to the use of graphene technology, a brief exposure to the sun is enough to make the jacket's fibres glow intensely for several hours.

The Far-infrared Luminous Down Jacket is based on graphene technology, glows at night and offers extra warmth and comfort.
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Comfort, style and safety for tech freaks

Tanboer has succeeded in developing a lightweight down jacket that offers protection against the cold and darkness. When developing the jacket, Tanboer attached great importance to recycled materials. For example, the Far-infrared Luminous Down Jacket is equipped with REWARDOWN from SAMSUNG, SAB zips and eco-yarn from COATS.

The fabric of the lightweight down jacket has anti-static and anti-bacterial properties, offers UV protection, is water-repellent, wear-resistant, machine washable, odour-inhibiting and biodegradable. The jacket is available for women and in the colours glow-in-the-dark off-white and glow-in-the-dark blue.

Tanboer has developed a completely new type of high-tech jacket: The Far-infrared Luminous Down Jacket.
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That convinced the jury:

  • High-tech jacket with high thermal performance
  • High visibility thanks to luminosity at night
  • Lightweight
  • Use of recycled materials

The jury said:

"This jacket combines innovation and comfort. Cold, dark nights are less scary when you can wear a jacket that glows in the night, is visible to others and provides comfortable warmth."
ISPO Award Jury
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