Product reviews/11/22/2023

ISPO Award Winner 2023: Performance Kit by liiteGuard

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The Performance Kit by liiteGuard is a game-changer for footballers seeking optimal protection and performance. Smart idea to integrate a moldable shin guard firmly into a sock.

Reduce the Achilles issues

Football, while exhilarating, often comes with its share of physical discomfort. LiiteGuard is here to change the game with its groundbreaking Performance Kit. Designed meticulously for football enthusiasts, this kit addresses common pain points like Achilles pain, blisters, and calf soreness. “Blisters are a pain every football player knows, and by reducing the friction between sock and boot with our grip technology, the sock reduces the chance of getting blisters,” says Christopher Geertsen, Co-founder and CEO at liiteGuard. “Furthermore, it will give you a great grip when you are changing direction.” The football sock has medically approved compression and extra compression around the Achilles. This stimulates the blood flow and contributes to increased performance and injury prevention, as it reduces swelling and harmful vibration in the tissue during psychical activity. Furthermore, will the inside pocket combined with the compression ensure that the shin guard will be kept in place without using sock tape. Sock tape is often placed around the Achilles, which creates harmful pressure.

The customized shin guard is placed in the sock pocket.
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A circular shin guard

The shin guard is developed in a light material that becomes moldable at 58-60 degrees Celsius. The shin guard will become moldable when heated in water, which allows the customer to easily mold the shin guard to fit the dimensions of their leg and cut and adjust the size if needed. This means that the moldable shin guard is 100% customized to the leg, which gives the feeling of not having a shin guard on, and you can concentrate 100% on playing football. Moreover, the moldable shin guard can be remolded again and again, which means if you grow (for example, from teenager to adult), you can remold it and should therefore not buy a new pair. Finally, it’s biodegradable, which means it will not harm the environment, and if you want to make a figure for the kids instead of having a shin guard, you can do that.

For starters, the kit contains a high-quality sock and a shin guard like no other; it's 100% customizable to the individual's leg. Made from a special material, it becomes moldable at just 58–60 degrees. Within mere seconds, players can adapt its shape to their unique leg contour, ensuring unparalleled fit and protection. Furthermore, the sock features the latest weaving technique and offers medically approved compression. This advanced design aids in better blood circulation, while silicone dots grip the boot’s base, offering players optimal on-field traction.

After the shin guard has been fitted to the shin bone, it hardens quickly.
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Less is more

Noteworthy is the extra compression woven around the Achilles tendon, reducing unwanted vibrations. Plus, the SoftAir Plus material ensures optimal sweat transport and sublime comfort. This innovation isn’t just a win for the players. Retailers get to differentiate themselves by offering in-store shin guard customization. This exclusive service fosters customer loyalty and potential upsells and resonates with the “less is more” ethos, maximizing revenue while optimizing store space. “Additionally, our shin guards offer not only an excellent fit but also the unique benefit of being remoldable. This feature eliminates the need for consumers to purchase a new shin guard when they experience growth, saving them money and providing long-term value”, says Geertsen. In conclusion, liiteGuard's Performance Kit is more than just protective gear. It's a testament to innovation, quality, and the pursuit of unparalleled sports performance.

With the Performance Kit, a new era of comfort has dawned for footballers.
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What the ISPO Award jury says:

"Finally, a football sock-shin guard combination that's thoughtfully designed. The constant slipping and sliding of the shin guard is now a thing of the past. The fact that the shin guard's shell can also be individually molded is perfect. The combination is absolutely comfortable; it is simply a great idea."
Jury ISPO Award

These features convinced the Jury:

  • Reduce the Achilles issues
  • Achilles tendon compression
  • A circular shin guard
  • High performance grip

Product Specifications:

  • Available: on the market
  • RRP: € 80.00
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