Product reviews/11/27/2023

ISPO Award Nominee 2023: Freeletics Lifetime Fitness Bundle

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The Freeletics Lifetime Fitness Bundle provides everything, an athlete needs: Space-saving adjustable dumbbells, lifetime access to the coaching AI, and practical nutritional knowledge.

Lifetime access to flexible and personalized training

Athlete. If you’re ready to take your training to the next level, the Freeletics Lifetime Fitness Bundle is built on a 360-degree approach that includes proven training techniques, sports science, expert nutrition knowledge, and high-performance equipment made to go the distance: As a user, you get lifetime access to the Freeletics AI Coach within the Freeletics app.



You will get a training plan that is perfectly tailored to your goals, no matter if you want to reduce weight, build muscle, or improve your general fitness - you can just set your goals and achieve them with the AI coach whenever it fits your schedule. This also means lifetime access to all the AI-powered personalization with built-in on-demand flexibility, and future enhancements to Europe’s #1 training app. Over 350 exercises and personalized workouts help you get strong and work out according to your goals. Whether you want to gain muscle, improve your fitness and strength or run and burn calories, giving the AI coach an idea of what you want to achieve, creates a training plan according to your needs. When, where, how much and how long you train is up to you and will be tailored to your life, be it 15 mins or an hour.

The Freeletics AI Coach gives you personalized training options
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Adjustable space-saving dumbbells

Also included in the bundle are space-saving adjustable Staedium by Freeletics dumbbells. These ultra-compact, aerospace-grade, 6-in-1 cast-iron dumbbells can be quickly adjusted between 4-24 kg with just a twist of your wrist. This easy adjustment option keeps your workouts seamless, when switching between different weights. Also, your space stays tidy, and you won’t need a lot of space to store different weights as the dumbbells are pretty compact: They will take up a lot less space than traditional dumbbell sets. Still, they will give you all the variation you need when lifting. You can also purchase an additional training mat for your workout. And in case you only want to get the dumbbells or other additional Staedium equipment components such as a workout mat or weighed vest for your training, you can purchase them separately through the Freeletics shop online.

Fitness of a lifetime unlocked with the Freeletics Lifetime Bundle
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Practical Nutritional knowledge

For being in good shape, training and nutrition go hand in hand. You don’t know where to start in terms of developing good nutritional habits to achieve the most in your training. Not to worry.

Last but not least, comprehensive, practical nutrition knowledge is part of the plan here: A no-BS online course covers nutrition science, practical eating tips, fads, and myths, as well as food psychology, key nutrients, and recipes. The course has been developed with insights from millions of users and gives you access to evidence based knowledge. Daily actionable insights account for immediate results and help you understand which nutrition strategy and foods support your goals. 

No matter where you are, you can learn whenever you have the time. You can even take the course with you wherever you go with your app version of the course. All three parts of the lifetime bundle enable you to train how it fits your life and schedule.


Recipes and nutritional tips make healthy eating habits easy
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Here’s what the jury had to say about the Freeletics Lifetime Bundle:

"Keeping a healthy workout and nutrition routine has never been easier: Whether you use training plans by the Freeletics AI coach and learn about nutrition in the app on the go or exercise at home using the space saving adjustable dumbbell set - this bundle puts your fitness and health first."
ISPO Award Jury

5 advantages of the Freeletics Lifetime Bundle:

  • Space saving, aerospace-grade cast iron 6-in-1 dumbbells 
  • Seamlessly adjustable between 4 and 24kg with a twist
  • Train and learn in sync with your own life
  • Personalized AI-powered in-app coaching
  • Practical nutrition online course

Product Specs:

  • The Freeletics Lifetime Bundle contains: Adjustable dumbbells: 4-24 kg + AI Coach within the Freeletics App (lifetime access) + Nutrition Online Course (lifetime access)
  • RRP: Freeletics Lifetime Bundle: €749.99 
  • RRP: Dumbbells only: €499.99 (pair)
  • RRP: Dumbell: €299
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