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ISPO Award Winner 2023: Exopek Pro by Exopek

 A Backpack with 10 Integrated Fitness Bands for Ultimate Comfort and Efficiency. What sounds crazy is actually a new tool for the fitness community. This unusual backpack allows you to train with maximum flexibility.

Fit on the go

Exopek Pro is the world's first hybrid of an ergonomic backpack and ten integrated fitness bands. These bands are securely fastened, eliminating the common issues of slipping or fixation often associated with traditional resistance bands. “The bands are attached in an intuitive module with a lightning-fast plug-and-gain mechanism. Consequently, it is the most versatile, ergonomic, and efficient equipment with fitness bands”, says Pascal Moszczynski, one of the founders of Exopek. The idea for the fitness backpack came to the founders during their studies. While still at university, they developed the Exopek from a prototype to a product ready for sale.

One of the remarkable features of the Exopek Pro is its ergonomic design, making it the perfect blend of a functional backpack and resistance training equipment. With these ten resistance bands of variable strength, Exopek Pro provides the ideal resistance for every workout – from cardio to strength, from gait rehabilitation to combat sports, from beginner to pro – ensuring that your fitness routine is personalized and effective.

Exopek collaborates with Deuter, known for their high-quality Aircomfort carrying system. The module of Exopek Pro is constructed using a durable and regionally produced ABS mixture, making it completely recyclable. Furthermore, the resistance bands are designed to be sleeved and long-lasting. Another pro is the timeless design, making it a stylish choice for fitness enthusiasts. It's versatile and seamlessly fits into the average fitness lifestyle, while also being discreet when worn outside.

The resistance bands are stored in the rucksack and can be used immediately if required.

All-in-one solution

The idea for the fitness backpack came to the founders during their studies. While still at university, they developed the Exopek from a prototype to a product ready for sale. The innovative product offers many benefits for both users of the Exopek system and interested retailers. The most obvious is that you can train your fitness anywhere with the Exopek Pro.

Exopek Pro offers end consumers a whole new world of functional resistance training. With this innovative product, individuals can experience the power of resistance bands in every movement. The flexibility to work out when and where they want is a key advantage, ensuring that fitness enthusiasts can adapt their routines to their schedules. Exopek Pro is more than just a backpack; it's a unique and effective solution for staying fit on the go. “Exopek is designed as an all-in-one solution that brings many more possibilities for many workouts”, says Moszczynski. “You can focus on combat sports, therapy, home gym equipment, soccer, or the field you love.”

Whether standing, sitting or lying down - the Exopek Pro system offers a wide range of training options.

The new must-have in fitness?

The Backpack solution is a new way to train with resistance bands. It is already represented in gait rehabilitation and neurotherapy for professional soccer and MMA athletes. “We are sure Exopek will be a further must-have in sports clubs, studios, and any household”, Moszczynski is convinced. It remains to be seen whether the Exopek Pro will become the new Blackroll, as the founder's statement could be compared with it. In any case, the young company has succeeded in creating a unique new fitness tool.

The Expoek Pro can also be used as a group fitness tool.
What the ISPO Award jury says:
“Smart idea to integrate fitness bands into a backpack. What initially appears somewhat amusing turns out to be an all-around fitness solution for fitness enthusiasts. Whether at home or in the gym, alone or in a group, the possibilities are diverse. Equally important: the training is enjoyable and efficient.”

These features convinced the Jury:

  • Comfort: integrated Aircomfort system engineered by Deuter,
  • Versatile: innovative plug 'n gain mechanism
  • Efficacy: all-in-one solution
  • Lifestyle Design: futuristic, clean, and timeless look

Product Specifications:

  • Available: since 2021
  • RRP: € 295.00 (Level I), € 305.00 (Level II)
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