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Thoughtful design – swift weight switch

ISPO Award Winner 2023: 66lbs Adjustable Dumbbell by Ativafit

With its modern design, Ativafit introduces the Adjustable Dumbbell, a product designed for fitness enthusiasts of all ages, whether they’re working out at home or in a studio.

Space-saving solution

The best ideas often stem from everyday needs. When Ativafit's design team discovered the challenges a mother faced in finding a suitable pair of adjustable dumbbells for her home workouts, the company identified a gap in the market. It became evident that many of the previously available models did not meet the three most critical requirements for daily use in family homes: space-saving, quick adjustability, and a combination of safety and durability.

Therefore, these three main criteria became top priorities for the Ativafit developers. To gain a deeper understanding of the target audience's needs, Ativafit also conducted surveys among bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts, incorporating their feedback into the product development process.

The dumbbell also scores highly in terms of design.

Innovative Dial Tech

The result is simply innovative: The dumbbell, honored with the ISPO Award, can be adjusted exceptionally quickly, taking just three seconds. Thanks to Ativafit's patented “Dial Tech” technology, users can adjust the weight on both ends with a simple twist. Safety and durability are paramount for Ativafit; thus, the dumbbell features metal plate holders and steel weight plates – a distinct advantage over plastic models. The Ativafit dumbbell also stands out for its compact design, occupying no more space than a shoebox. This compact design effectively replaces the space required by 12 conventional dumbbells.

Thanks to the easy change between the weight levels, you can train effectively with the dumbbell.

International quality tests

“Our primary target audience comprises fitness enthusiasts of all ages aiming for efficient home workouts. Many wish to be more active but feel restricted by work, daily commitments, or other challenges,” says an Ativafit spokesperson. “Our vision of excellence and innovation drives us as we continuously develop our brand.”

With this vision in mind, the adjustable Ativafit 30 kg dumbbell has been brought to market readiness. This premium dumbbell, designed specifically for high-quality home workouts, allows for rapid weight adjustments between 5 and 30 kilograms. The unique feature of this mechanism is that it minimizes workout interruptions. All Ativafit dumbbells undergo rigorous international quality tests. So nothing stands in the way of a hard work-out at home.

With the Ativafit dumbbell you can exercise in the comfort of your own home.
These features convinced the Jury:
"From the very first touch, the Ativafit dumbbells give a solid impression. What’s particularly impressive is the quick ability to change between the weights. A contemporary solution for fitness enthusiasts. The space-saving features of the dumbbell will surely find many fans in the home fitness area."
ISPO Award Jury

These features convinced the Jury:

  • Adjustable weight range: 11 – 66 lbs (5 to 30 Kilogram)
  • Compact design – only the size of a shoe box
  • Patented Dial Tech weight changing system
  • Metal made plate-holding inner discs

Product specifications:

  • Available: December 23
  • RRP: € 564.00
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