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ISPO Award Winner 2024: Verde KinetiCore bike helmet

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Introducing the revolutionary Verde KinetiCore bike helmet from Lazer Sport, winner of the prestigious ISPO Award 2024. More than just a helmet, the Verde KinetiCore embodies a new era of cycling safety and environmental awareness.

At first glance, the helmet looks like an ordinary bike helmet, but the innovation is in the details.

Created with a vision of a circular future, the Verde KinetiCore is a testament to innovation and sustainability. This helmet is made from 70% recycled materials. It not only ensures the rider's safety, but also minimizes its impact on the environment. Unlike traditional helmets, the Verde KinetiCore is assembled without the use of glue or paint, thanks to its patented EcoLoc technology. This allows the user to easily disassemble the helmet at the end of its life cycle, allowing for the proper recycling of its various components.

The Verde KinetiCore is characterised by three key features:

  1. Ready for a circular future with EcoLoc: The patented EcoLoc system eliminates the need for glue, making helmet assembly seamless and environmentally friendly. At the end of its life, users can easily disassemble the helmet and recycle its components thanks to clearly labelled parts.
  2. 70% recycled content: Designed with the planet in mind, the Verde KinetiCore uses 70% recycled materials in its construction. From the straps to the color pigmentation process, every aspect of the helmet is optimized for sustainability, resulting in a significantly reduced carbon footprint compared to other cycling helmets.
  3. NTA-approved safety: Despite its eco-friendly design, the Verde KinetiCore does not compromise on safety. NTA approved for use on speed pedelecs, this helmet features Lazer's patented KinetiCore technology, which absorbs rotational impacts to protect the rider's head. It also has user-friendly features such as rain-proof vents, a rear LED light mount and an adjustable fit system for optimum comfort.

First steps towards a closed life cycle for helmets

“For us, a sustainable future lies in circularity. Using recycled content and enabling a product to be properly disassembled is proof that the Verde KinetiCore does both at once. The Verde KinetiCore is just the beginning of our Ecoloc story. We know we couldn't solve all the problems at once, but it opens a lot of windows and possibilities,” explains Fé van Dam, product designer at Lazer Sports.

Designed for urban riders and commuters, the Verde KinetiCore comes in two sizes (S: 55-61 cm, L: 50-56 cm) to ensure a perfect fit for all cyclists. Priced at €99.99, this helmet offers unbeatable value for money for those who prioritize safety, comfort and sustainability in their cycling gear.

With the Verde KinetiCore helmet, Lazer Sports is leading the way towards a greener and safer cycling experience. This groundbreaking helmet ushers in a new era of eco-conscious cycling gear, integrating advanced technologies and a strong commitment to environmental responsibility. Fé van Dam emphasizes: “To think that we were able to use mostly discarded materials such as CDs, construction foam and textile waste to make a new bicycle helmet. That's something I'm proud of. I hope Verde KinetiCore inspires others to see the possibilities of a closed life cycle for helmets.“

The Verde KinetiCore sets a benchmark for sustainable helmet design, ensuring that riders can enjoy superior performance without compromising on style or environmental integrity.

The patented EcoLoc system eliminates the need for glue, making helmet assembly seamless and environmentally friendly.
Image credit:
Lazer Sport

This is what the ISPO jury said about the Verde KinetiCore bike helmet:

"Designed to be recycled, this bike helmet is a prime example of innovative product design. Lazer Sports, a company with a long tradition in bicycle helmet manufacturing, is making an important contribution to the development of sustainable cycling equipment."
Jury ISPO Award

Product Specifications

  • Uni-size S-M: 50-56 cm and uni-size M-L: 55-61 cm
  • RRP € 99.99
  • Target group: Urban riders and commuters
  • Intended use: Enjoy riding in safety
  • Features: Antibacterial, Recyclable, Recycled, Waterproof
For recycling purposes, the helmet can be completely disassembled into its clearly labeled components.
Image credit:
Lazer Sport

5 reasons why the Verde KinetiCore helmet convinced the ISPO Award jury:

  • Circular product design for easy recycling
  • Environmentally friendly with a low carbon footprint (70% recycled materials)
  • Unique: Shell made out off recycled CDs
  • Made in Europe
  • KinetiCore technology for added safety
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